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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 3, 2016.
  1. macky112
    not to get everyone's hopes up, but I received an email from MD that states the following:

    We have some pretty exciting news! The first batch of the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6XX Headphones has arrived at the warehouse in New Jersey. They are going through a quality control check and we expect them to start shipping out in the middle of next week. The headphones will be shipping out in batches, and we anticipate that all orders will be shipped before our estimated ship date of December 18.
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  2. vcmusik
    Not yet, but I'm getting in on the drop for the hybrids and will report back when I finally get them along with my 6XX, which could be a while. I have the hybrids on my TH-X00s and K7XX, and I absolutely love them. The hybrid pads for the X00s, I feel didn't change the sound too much, but the difference between stock pads was much more obvious on the K7XXs.
  3. ahmadfaizadnan
    I got the same email. Christmas comes early for us :o2smile:

    HD6XX sounds worse with leather pad (Experimented this with brainwavs pad) but I am curious on how it sounds with hybrid. Comfort wise, hybrid pad is amazing (tried them at canjam). But I am regret that I didn't try listen to them.
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  4. macky112
    Now I wonder who received these emails from MD? Is it random? Is it everybody who ordered? Is it only those that’ll have their orders shipped out next week?
  5. ahmadfaizadnan
    I am really not sure but it said in the email that they are shipping the first batch shortly. They try to ship all of 'em before 18 Dec.
  6. nereus
    I feel somewhat skeptical. On one hand I would love to try these for the possibility of better comfort. But on the other I think this is a first release on massdrop, which makes me think they want a whole lot of people to buy them before they get reviewed - with the chance that they may make the cans sound rubbish. I may still jump on the drop to take the chance.
  7. Shane D
    I got the email too. I ordered the last week in June or the first week in July.

    Shane D
  8. Marlowe
    I got the email from Massdrop as well; I purchased on June 28. The email was also posted on MD's site with this additional preface: "If you purchased the HD6XX between June 26 and June 30 please read below." So I assume the email was sent to purchasers between those dates and those are the orders that will start shipping next week. Since I live in New Jersey, I might actually get these in about a week. (It should only take a day or two via USPS Priority. I've actually received shipments from Schiit in California in as little as two days via USPS, though my order from Blue Jeans Cable in Seattle this week took four.)

    A question about the Dekoni pads currently on MD. I'm very tempted by these (probably the Elite Velour option) but hesitant since no one has heard them. A question (since I've never had the 600 or 650 or Dekoni pads): is removal of the stock pads (or installation of the Dekonis) a permanent action or can the you swap the stock pads and Dekonis back and forth? If the latter, I'd be much more comfortable ordering the pads.
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  9. Sladeophile
    Very easy to swap.
  10. macky112
    Thanks for the heads up! I ordered on 6/29, so hopefully that email is really an indication we are getting the first batch. Because between next week and Dec 18 is well, 6 weeks span, and patience is not one of my virtues. Lol
  11. macky112
    I just went back on this thread and realized 5000 order were placed to unlock the $199 pricing in 6/28, I am not gonna get my hopes up on this yet...
  12. ahmadfaizadnan
    Dekoni will post FR with the pad but unfortunately, that only be done after the drop ended (or for the next drop). I am gonna stick with the base velour pad because it still cheaper than the one provided by sennheiser. I'll buy the elite hybrid in the future if the reviews encouraging.
  13. Sko0byDoo
    This is a second release, first release was last year. I got one and thoroughly impressed.
  14. Marlowe
    Do you have Dekoni pads specifically for the 600/650 or just similar Dekoni pads for other headphones? Because the primary issue is not comfort but whether and how they affect the specific sound signature of the 650. Everyone else who has discussed them on various sites (including some very knowledgeable people) has noted that the pads specifically for the 600/650 is a new and not yet heard product.
  15. nereus
    Oh cool, did you go for the velour? or one of the leather type ones?
    What are your impressions on the sound change, if any?

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