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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 3, 2016.
  1. Sko0byDoo
    I got velour/stock pads. Haven't tried Dekoni on the HD6XX.

    I don't believe sound quality can be improved/changed significantly by swapping pads (thicker or thinner) so not really into experimenting swapping pads.

    I only had a chance to compare the HD6xx to the HD800 I own. Different beasts, the HD650 got more bass emphasis but lack in mid range clarity and sound a little muffled due to this. For the price, I grabbed a second pair in this drop too.
  2. macky112
    Has anybody from the 2nd drop received a shipping confirmation yet???
  3. DeadHead57
    I just received my shipping notice from MassDrop. Shipping via FedEx. Early Christmas for me!
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  4. gardibolt
    Congrats! Still waiting on mine....
  5. PopZeus
    My pair arrived today! Hopefully no one stole it off my front porch. Looking forward to putting the 6XX through its paces. I’d be lying though if i said it doesn’t have a high hurdle to make an impression against the E-MU Teak and the Focal Elear
  6. swmtnbiker
    I received my shipping notice on Wednesday.
  7. wilflare
    still waiting for my shipping notice. hmm and looking around to get a 2M custom cable too :/
  8. erich6
    Mine arrived today and I'm very happy with them so far.... They pair well with my Nobsound NS-08E hybrid tube amp which is pretty good given it is a pretty cheap amp (but plenty powerful). The clamp force is a bit much at this point but I expect it will loosen up in good time.
  9. starence
    I heard somewhere that there won't be any more HD 6XX drops. Has anyone heard that from an official source, or was it only a rumor?
  10. SomeTechNoob
    A rumor at best. Massdrop has stated that they were planning to keep the HD 6XX a regular drop as long as possible right before the 2nd drop started.
  11. Marlowe
    I've had mine for a week and found the the clamping force to border on painful out of the box. There is a fix that involves bending the adjusting metal bit (and only the metal bit--do NOT bend the headband itself) that extends from the headband to the ear cup. After applying this a number of times, the 6XX is reasonably comfortable (if still far from the sublime comfort of the HD700). Since there is a chance of cracking the headband if this is done incorrectly, I strongly advise you to do some research before attempting this; there is a least one short video on YouTube demonstrating this. <a href=""></a>
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  12. gardibolt
    Yeah the clamping force is horrific so I'm letting my new 6XX stretch out a bit on a stand before listening.
  13. BB 808
    Fortunately for me the fit is perfect. My question is if you stretch it out on a stand, would that flatten the ear pads?

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