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Sennheiser warranty service!

  1. solaris7
    Believe me, i don't usually make (actually never) threads talking about customer service but I just felt like I had to make one. I am also not the person to usually mail in broken products still covered under warranty to companies because I am very skeptical, having read a lot of horror stories.
    However, the day came when I had a nagging problem with my Sennheiser IE8's (exposed wire) and really wanted them repaired because, yes, I loved them too much. I read a few posts talking about Sennheiser's repair service and how good it was. So I took a leap of faith and mailed them in, the earphones reached the service centre (in Old Lyme, CT) on wednesday (evening). I got a ship confirmation e-mail the following monday, and the earphones are in front of me right now (total time - 5 business days INCLUDING delivery). A brand NEW pair. Not only was the roundabout time exceptional, but this is top notch service. I will definitely be doing business with them again! 
    Sorry, I was so amazed that such service standards still exist that I had to post this thread!
  2. tinyman392


    Actually, that's how a lot of companies are...  If you are pleased with this (I'd be too, they fixed/replaced your headphones), then you'll be pleased with most companies.  Some companies like MEE send you a pair (that gets to you) before you send them yours :p
  3. Mormonsloot
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  4. -y0-


    It was funny when I called their tech department and the rep that took my call didn't even know that Coppers have a ControlTalk version. She was telling me that they don't make such a version and that I'm wrong just to put me on hold, come back, and tell me that they do indeed make that version of the Coppers. It's not a good sign when their own reps don't know their products. The Coppers did sound good when it worked though. I'm glad Sennheiser has great customer service like Meelec does. [​IMG]
  5. neato
    I realize this thread is a bit old, but I figured I should post this here instead of a making a new thread.
    I sent in my PX100-II to them in November, and have not received any sort of confirmation emails. I've called and emailed them, and they keep saying that my headphones are still being processed. It's almost been two months now. Why is it taking so long when OP got their replacement in five days? I do like the Sennheiser sound, but this is kind of keeping me from buying anymore products from them. I want a pair of portables once next semester starts and I'm probably gonna end up buying the Koss PP instead of anything from Sennheiser.
  6. prooFy
    Here's my story about Sennheiser Canada's paid repair service. My 7 year old HD 650s needed some repairs -- the ear and head pads were extremely worn down; paint chipping off the headband; and a fickle stock cable.
    I called in and asked how much it would cost to replace a headband, ear pads, and cable and was told $150 – 200 (max) CAD. This seemed fair enough, albeit more than Senn USA's $155 USD flat rate. Sent my cans in and the real estimate came out to be $258. This was much higher than my budget would allow for, so I asked to just have the parts sent to me with no repairs (would save me $45). However, only after confirming my order and payment information, did the tech tell me that all parts were on backorder from Germany for at least 3 weeks.
    Not wanting to be without headphones for 3+ weeks, I requested to have my cans sent back to me and the replacement parts to be sent out when they were available. The tech said he could only cancel the order and I would have to call a different department in 3 weeks time to place a new order.
    What really irked me about the whole process was the tech’s behavior. He was always extremely rude and was just trying to get me off the phone asap. I actually apologized to him for bothering him with my 2 phone calls and 3 email replies.
    Sennheiser Canada has been nothing short of a nightmare for me. I’m going to mailing my cans off to a friend in the States so they she can get me proper repairs at a reasonable price. Maybe they can even replace the dented grills as well (which would have cost $100 from Senn Canada).
  7. playingwithfire
    Might as well make this the official Sennheiser warranty service thread since this is the first result of a google search.
    I sent my HD 600 to Sennheiser USA to do the flatrate repair($150). UPS ground shipping took 3 days to get there, they received it Wednesday night and emailed me the following Wednesday morning to say that the fixed headphone is coming back. Received it the following Monday(today), new pads, new grill(or refurbished? The dent was gone from my old grill but there was some very very minor chipped paint issue which could have happened during shipping). Overall pretty happy, glad to have this baby back.
  8. BRAVO51
    I sent my cx 475s and I got a new one, it only took a little more than a week.
    In the beginning of December I sent in my cx890i (dome cracked) and I got a brand new one the week after Christmas. Inthe conformation email it said that I would be getting the cx890i and the cx680i but they said it was a mistake when I called them after receiving my cx890i. Interesting thing is that they changed the inner material for the carrying case
    Overall I like sennheiser customer service unlike some other tech companies I delt with
  9. A Kennedy4
    I sent in my HD-600 headphones September 5th (Thursday) this month for a buzzing driver and got a confirmation email on September 10th (tuesday). It took them to the 16th to figure out that the receipt I submitted online was unable to be viewed on their end (Claimed a 404 error) and told me to resend the receipt. I resent it the same day and called them back today to see if there was any progress in the 9 days they have had them and there was none. They told me they were waiting for repair and to call back in a couple of weeks to check on them. This has been a truly a disappointing experience. Also the call reps are extremely rude until they realize you are speaking to them kindly and with respect. It is an immediate turn off, however I always respond friendly and they lighten up throughout the call. 
    I've dealt with Shure's customer service for my SE-530's about 3 times and they were superb. Had cracked wire around the ear and they resent a new pair 2 times and then finally sent me a SE-535 on my last repair. Each time they averaged a week and a half including the time spent shipping the item there and back.  Still working great. 
    In summary: Pretty bad experience with Sennheiser and it's only getting worse with time
  10. mikeysyke
    I sent my Amperiors to Sennheiser for repair in July, it is now October and I still do not have my product back. I am so shocked by their service as I have had various failed promises of when I'll have my headphones back. I'm getting to the point of where I'll have to buy another set of headphones because I am just totally fed up. This has been such a bad experience for me and I doubt I will buy another sennheiser product again.
  11. andreiru
    My repair took exactly a month and they came back with a microphone not working so I had to mail them in again. Overall experience wasn't that great either the people I spoke to on the phone were unprofessional. Neither did they apologise for the under repair. Felt like a one man operation, not a respectable multinational company. And did I mention the fault (a faulty circuitry in the transducer) was out of the box? The headphones (mm450-x) were purchased in Dublin from a high end street retailer and I am in London now. Hence supplier suggested it would be quicker if I conflated sennheiser direct. The Saga had begun in 17 April and it's the 19 May now and the headphones are still with them.

    I like sennheiser and have had plenty of their gear but the experience does deter from going with hem the next time around.
  12. andreiru
    I also had experience with Shure. Although they came back saying they found no fault the turnaround was 3 days.
  13. dhabtem1
    I sent in my earbuds for repair after having bent them at the connecting jack/adapter.  
    For me, the experience was fine.  The worst part was filling in all the details into a multi-page form on their website.  Once that was done, I shipped it to them and they shipped me back a new pair of earbuds, which surprised me, as I thought the old ones didn't seem so badly damaged.  
    The whole process took 11 days.
  14. NathanialHornblower
    Did u have to pay anything?
  15. majnu
    Since people have been sharing their experience and I do realize this is an old thread I thought I'd share my recent story.

    HD700's were out of their 2 year warranty by several months. I emailed Sennhesier if they would repair them as a gesture of good will.as they were repaired previously for the same problem (sound would cut out) less than a year from the repair date.
    They agreed and the turn around for the repaired headset was 6 working days from them confirming they received it.
    WIR- Lead Wire
    D Cut / broken
    A2 Module replacement
    Earpads replaced
    Cable with plug 6.35mm
    Was the work they carried out, that was provided on the paperwork.

    Hopefully these cans will now last. Overall happy with the customer service I received. Repair was carried out for free. I had to provide evidence of proof or purchase which is standard for any repair/replacement.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018

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