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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless Discussion and Reviews

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  1. avajian
    I just bought the new brand HD1 in ear wireless headset. This product supports AAC for apple devices.
    does anybody know - or is there a documentation - if Bluetooth AAC is working with Apple Music?

    Apple Music uses DRM in its AAC-files, so a Bluetooth destination will not be able to decode it. Is iOS using a fallback to SBC in this case, or will there be a reencoding of the AAC-files to keep up with Bluetooth AAC compatibility?
  2. White Lotus
  3. LajostheHun
    I noticed it also by accident that if I connect it to my PC for charging it automatically acted as USB DAC/amp/headphone, however it sounded quiet a bit worse than it is with BT mode, mostly because it had a crackling sound to it, which happens when a DAC doesn't decode the data correctly. Based on that and the fact it wasn't advertised as USB DAC/Amp I'm not too concerned with it's poor performance on that regard.
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  4. BunnyNamedCraig
    That's really fascinating though... I wouldn't have thoguht to do that ha.

    Side note- after trying a ton of IEMS recently I am really happy about the feel of the tips that were provided for the HD1. They just fit really nice for me. I am hoping others are having similar success
  5. Dobrescu George
    It sounds considerably better to my ears though, I wonder where the difference in opinion is coming from :smile_phones:
  6. LajostheHun
    I only tried it briefly with YouTube and figured it is some kind of Windows issue, I had similar issues with my Microstreamer before but when I used in 'Wasapi" mode.
    Anyway I plugged the Senns in again for charging and this time tried it with Music Bee my reference music app on my PC and it sounded great with no crackling and dropouts like before on YouTube.
    It did sound cleaner than in BT mode on this PC, but no better than in BT mode via from LG V20 which has Aptx unlike my PC. Having said that I can't imagine myself to use this IEM in this mode since to me it defeats the purpose of owning it. Not to mention I got a few headphones at home that do sound better if I wanna tether myself to the desk.
  7. Dobrescu George
    Oh yes, that makes a lot of sense!

    APT-X sounds amazing with M2 IEBT, I really think that BT technology is now becoming something great, there is so much unexplored potential out there. This is coming from someone who used to dislike BT approach, Sennheiser really changed my mind with M2 IEBT.
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  8. Evshrug
    Another possibility... I've had faulty/noisy USB ports before, and bad USB cables. The front USB ports on my computer tower enclosure are very noisy, and the USB Host port on my Creative X7 had a bad ringing sound whenever there was a strong bass hit. YMMV

    Maybe this explanation will help? Apple does use DRM for it's old music (like, music bought pre-2004 or something near there), and Apple Music downloads must be played back from iTunes (iPod, Mac, iPhone, but also Windows or Android if you download the iTunes App). If your computer/phone has iTunes on it, that's the player/decoder, and the HD-1 IEBT comes after the authentication stage. Ever try to use Apple Music with an external DAC from your computer? It works, same as the HD-1. Unfortunately, you can't download music from the streaming service to your computer and load it onto a 3rd party DAP like a FiiO or Sony. If you're using Apple Music with your phone, it's the Music app on your phone that will handle the DRM handshake, then the AAC is sent to your headphones.

    Am I making sense? If you paid like $1.29 per song or "bought" the song on the iTunes music store, its DRM-free, but Apple Music has DRM and that's ok if played back from iTunes/Music.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  9. Evshrug
    Sorry I missed your post forever ago! I think fit and comfort are paramount to enjoying IEMs... and everyone's ears are different. You really have to play around.

    Personally, foam eartips (like those from Comply) have the most consistently good comfort and seal for me. Foam doesn't last forever and putting them into my ears is a process of a few seconds, but they squish to fit and have probably the best isolation abilities. Better than any Active Noise Cancellation I've heard.

    My ears are weird with silicone tips. With the one-flange tips, which I usually think of as "olive" shaped, my ears almost always prefer the smallest or second smallest size to not cause unbearable pain. If the edges of the curve or flange aren't after a recurve or are able to touch the skin of my ear, they almost instantly feel like they are digging in or cutting! Shure canalphones typically pop out of my ears with their silicone tips (so I have to use foam), and the bore size of Audeze iSine IEMs are literally too big and all the tip sizes simply cause me massive pain. Meanwhile, I actually find the large triple-flange Etymotic tips more comfortable than smaller multi-flange tips and "olive" shaped tips! I suppose the silicone Etymotic uses is softer than most, because that is my second most comfortable tip after foam, and I like to use those silicone tips the most outside the home because they are very durable and fast to insert/remove from my ear for conversations.

    You really have to play around with eartips. The edges of the Sennheiser silicone tips don't cut into my skin, so I've been using those so far. I also recommend using the Sennheiser CapTune app with the HD-1 IEBT, and other headphones, because it plays back your local music library AND TIDAL, and an awesome parametric EQ that actually has an A/B test feature to calibrate different EQ's per headphone and your personal listening preference.
  10. donato
    I've been a relatively long time Sennheiser fan, but I've never used a bluetooth wireless headset or IEM. So when I saw a (brief) discount on these on Amazon, I figured I'd give them a try. Wanted something for my public transportation commute and for walking around town or around the house. Haven't done any critical listening on them, but I'm very impressed and satisfied with their form factor, styling, build quality, easy of use, convenience, battery life, etc. In this use case, I'm mainly listening to podcasts, but for kicks, I'll try some critical music listening on these a bit later.
  11. Dobrescu George
    They are excellent with all kinds of music! :darthsmile:

    I really love what Senn did there!
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  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    I think they are pretty versatile... a great “grab and go” type in ear and I find it to be way more comfortable then I first expected.

    I’m glad your enjoying them too!
  13. athos2017
    After I reading all the reviews, I bought it.
    But I am very disappointed the treble. It is too harsh with my iphone 6s.
    I feel v-mode M80 and Beyerdynamic MMX 101 iE is better in treble, just a little bit harsh in bright recording song.
    Do I need to burn-in?

    Any other wireless in ear headphone recommendation? No Bose please, I don't like their over price and too much bass.
  14. Dobrescu George

    I said multiple times, M2 IEBT has one of the strongest treble out there, very few IEMs have stronger treble than they have. This is not a bad thing, I love treble, but if somebody is looking for something smooth, M2IEBT is not smooth but rather U shaped and energetic and lively.
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  15. Jarmel
    I just ordered the HD1 Free. I’m curious about the sound quality considering I’m going from the JH Audio Roxannes to these.
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