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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Deftone
    I believe Mellisa is the Snugs girl, anway he did say this a few posts up...

  2. Deftone
    Cool! i didnt know the pro was an option, is this still the same price as the regular half shell?
  3. kubig123
    I think so, I got them as a replacement. I contacted Mellisa complaining about the first set of custom tips, they didn't fit me well as you remember.

    She suggested to switch to the pro version (since i had one made for the KSE1500 and it fit perfectly) and now I'm a very happy customer!
  4. Dobrescu George
    Super cool! I love happy stories with happy endings!

    BTW, since the shape looks fairly odd to me as I never owned customs before, I wanted to ask you, compared to silicone tips, the customs are hard all around no? You are able to wear them for longer periods of time than the silicone tips?
  5. Rob80b
    Got it...
  6. kubig123
    Absolutely no, if properly made the custom tips are incredibly comfortable, they adapt perfectly to your ear canal, these are made with silicon so they are not hard at all.
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  7. Deftone
    Custom tips are way more comfortable, they have the ability to make the iem disappear when the silicon molds have warmed up to match your body temperature. The sounds change isn't really that noticeable at all. I think it's because even with the customs the ie800 still sits shallow on the outer part of your ear like Sennheiser wanted. Basically your ear canal is just made of silicone now but you get increased detail from the better isolation. You could always make a small EQ if you feel the sound has changed too much.
    kubig123 and Dobrescu George like this.
  8. kubig123
    Personally I feel the customs tips reduce the sound stage.
  9. Dobrescu George
    Thank you for your explanations... Seems that I had it wrong, until now I imagined that customs are made out of hard plastic..... If they are silicone, it makes sense that they would somehow disappear while worn
  10. kubig123
    It really doesn't matter which material are you using.
    The ear impression is what matter, the tips can be made in any materials.

    Most of TOTL ciem are made in acrylic, Fitear is producing a ciem in titanium, all these earphones are made to fit perfectly your ear canals and therefore they are all very comfortable and allow you to wear them for hours.

    I use ciem when I flight, they dramatically reduce the external noise vent better than any noise cancelling headphone, with of course a much better sound quality.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  11. Dobrescu George
    I honestly never had a CIEM, all sounds quite alien to me, sorry for asking things that might be weird...

    It would be really interesting to try one - it really sounds like a true game changer when it comes to how something fits in your ears.
  12. Deftone
    Normal silicone tips irritate my ear canals after about an hours use, i have to keep pulling out X iems to scratch inside my canals that get quite itchy. Custom molds or tips for your favorite iems is a must. Another benifit is they dont slip out from getting oily, With standard tips im always adjusting fit but the snugs go in once and dont need to come out until the end of the listening session. :thumbsup:
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  13. Dobrescu George
    I also have this thing during the Romanian Summer.....

    Thank you for letting me know! I will explore customs and their possibilities!
    Deftone likes this.
  14. Deftone
    Yes its a must if you are keeping the earphones for a long time, obviously a waste of money if you upgrade often.

    Really looking forward to getting Hugo2 to pair with IE800, i think it will be end game portable. Audeze iSines look pretty nice and i can believe the high praise they get but i love most iems because they are generally pretty small.
    I love to listen to music lying on my side in bed, thats definitley not going to happen with iSine 20s so for now i will keep IE800 as my TOTL portable earphone, thats until Senn brings us a IE900.
  15. Dobrescu George
    I will actually receive some more expensive IEMs soon and will compare them with ie800. iSine seems to have a very different signature that might not appeal to us ie800 lovers......

    Also, I found my end-game portable DAC/AMP in iDSD Black Label - this wicked witchery box does much more than I expected a DAC/AMP to do.
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