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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. AndrewH13
    Jazz on the Chord threads swears by 0.2 or 0.3 adjustments in EQ.
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  2. harpo1
    Whatever floats his boat.
  3. Dobrescu George
    I don't remember exactly, but the finest adjustment in Equalization that one can hear is smaller than 1 dB, I can totally hear the differences at 1 dB, even at 0.5dB, the differences exist.

    I vaguely remember that 0.2 dB is the finest adjustment that makes a difference, but please don't quote me on that.
  4. yangian
    Got a set of 800's tips from ali. Not as good as the original set, but usable.
  5. kubig123
    cam you post some pictures?

    I was considering to do the same mod.

  6. Dobrescu George
    You can try spinfits with ie800, but it will change the midrange and make the whole sound a bit more distant. Spinfits work amazingly well with certain devices, don't work as well with others.

    There is a company out there who said that they can make custom tips for ie800 and with ease, I think that it was named something SoundMolds https://www.facebook.com/soundmolds/

    They had a pretty successful crowdfunding campaign and although I vaguely remember that they didn't offer an option for ie800 during the campaign, I asked them directly and they do offer an option for ie800 / will offer an option in the future. I will review their work in depth if I get to make a custom tip for ie800. It seems like they are quite friendly though, if you want to get a pair of custom tips for ie800 for a very good price.

    You would want to change the connector on ie800?

    I mean, if it ain't broken why fix it? Maybe if they would get old and need a repair, but if they work all and well, might be best to not play with them.

    @Vesperaudio might want to chime in with a few words about the mods.
  7. yangian

    Thank you, George, for the information!
  8. kubig123
    I don't know, this company allow you to take your own ear impressions, I'm not sure how many people can do it correctly.
  9. Deftone
    That's not right i use EQ of only +/-0.5 dB and it makes a noticeable change...
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  10. Deftone
    Cable changes result in a very very subtle sound change or if any change at all. These extremes you are describing are not normal so something else must have been tampered with.
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  11. Dobrescu George
    I was a bit concerned by the process as well actually, but they aren't supposed to go as deep as other customs, plus the material with which you take the impressions seems different than the typical ones. I will review the whole process thing if I get the chance in the near future - I had never had a custom done and I don't have any idea about the process so if I manage to do it with no knowledge about customs, most people should do as well. Their comment section on their crowdfunding should be a very good indicator if most people managed to go through with the process.

    I honestly don't know more - I am as curious as anyone who thinks about a custom ie800 would be.

    Totally agreed here, the human ear should be able to perceive 0.2 dB changes and it influences the entire way something sounds like - take a violin for example, creating a small 0.2dB peak somewhere will not only sharpen that area, it will change the whole emotion that violin has.

    I agree with this as well, cables shouldn't have extremely dramatic changes for sound - they could change sound, but shouldn't redefine how something sounds like at the level of dramatic frequency response changes.

    One of the things that might have happened is that the seal of the inner sonic chamber might have been lost, resulting in a loss of bass - this should be correctable with a bit of work. Another thing is that the cable might have a different phase / relative Impedance and this might have changed the way it reacts with the sound, especially at the connection point.
  12. kubig123
    I have a set of customs tips for the ie800 (snug) and you can clearly hear how they affect the sound, less soundstage but with more definition, it would be very interesting to compare these to the ones from Soundmolds.
  13. Dobrescu George
    Absolutely! I am very curious myself since if there is one thing people wanted for their ie800, that was different tips! I actually love my ie800 with their original tips and they create a very good seal for me, but I remember that when ie800 were released, many people asked for an alternative to the original tips they come with.

    Never having done a custom before, I am really scared of the process and of the results, I honestly don't know how they would work and how they work or how they feel so my curiosity is even higher!
  14. kubig123
    Finally received the snug pro, much better fitting than the snug I received few weeks ago, I have to praise snug customer service for their amazing job.

    Thank you Mellisa!

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  15. Rob80b
    Hi Mellisa

    The tips and barrel width/length on the ie800s is so propitiatory and fundamental in the overall design, similar to full size phones, to achieve the acquired sound how much is changed with the "customs"?
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