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Sennheiser IE7 To M50 sounding IEM.

  1. Shizdan
    I have owned the IE7 now for about a year. Its been great but my ears start to ache after an hour or two. I am looking for another IEM that sounds like the Audio Technica M50, Denon D2000 or Senn HD 580. Can I get a better IEM then the Senn IE7 (I've been looking at the Shure SE215, Ultimate ears triple fi).
  2. Lauen
    I am also looking for IEM's with similar sound to my M50's. I have also looked at the 215's, and from what I've heard the cable is expensive to replace, and the bass a little recessed or something? 
  3. zamorin
    What is your budget?  Have a look at the Vsonic GR07BE reviews or check out these comparison threads:



    This is a Shure SE215 vs GR07BE comparison by a fellow forumer:
    From: http://www.head-fi.org/t/630585/vsonic-gr07-bass-edition-impressions/1815#post_10052250
    1. metabaron

    I have both and the Shure don't even come close. The SE 215 are good for what they are, fun headphones for people that want a warm, not critical listening. They are outclassed by the V Sonics on pretty much everything, is not even a contest. In fact, they are not the best in their price bracket, and in fact even headphones that are cheaper, like the Dunu's Landmine, are better. Of course, personal preference plays a huge part in our selection, and you might prefer the Shure's sound signature. So they are not better but you might end up enjoying them more.

  4. Lauen
    I do love the sound of my M50's.. as far as budget goes, I might be willing to pay about as much as the M50s cost. I will be using them when out and about, before bed and similar. I use my M50s when I'm on my desktop.
  5. Lauen
    The GR07BE are not available in Norway, where I live. 
  6. zamorin
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