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Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jude, Oct 23, 2015.
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  1. Topspin70
    I got the LCD 3 cuz I was seduced by Audeze's dark sonic signature, warm thick lush mids and copious bass. I think many LCD users became fans because of those qualities. I just happen to be one of those owners who realise, after listening to the HD800S, that transparency and purity can be even more seductive to listen to.
  2. GearMe
    I thought this was ironic in an HD-800S thread...:wink:

    1st world problems! If we were honest with ourselves, the money could be better spent. That said, for the price/performance, at least I can rationalize expensive headphones a little; especially compared to what my 2-channel systems cost back in the day.
  3. madwolfa

    HD800 is also overpriced, just less ridiculously so. ☺️
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  4. GearMe
    Yeah...I felt a tad guilty spending a grand on the HD800 -- until I listened to them! :dt880smile:
  5. CANiSLAYu

    Got mine this week and my connectors are silver as well.
  6. fapman

    Compared to other headphones in 1500$+ section:

    LCD-4: 3995$

    SR-009: Currently 3500- 4000$ in amazon

    HE1000: 2999$

    HD800S: 1699$

    We are talking here open-back headphones and "top of the line"-cans. (Orpheus lineup not included)

    Yes, some may argue that HD800S doesn't include as much research and "new tech" as the rest of the competitors and mostly the R&D that went in to it was in the original HD800. But why fix something entirely that isn't broken?

    Sound is matter of taste. I'm not saying that everyone who hears those cans is saying that HD800S is superior in sound vs rest of the lineup. It varies in terms of music taste and what you appreciate in sound. But one can say that those are competitive products in terms of "high-end open-back headphones"

    Just like Tyll said it, the HD800S is a bargain. 
  7. fapman
    Maybe they run out of S-cables in the factory cause of the demand [​IMG]
  8. iDesign
    Earlier in the thread we determined SN #2408 has silver cables. You should post your serial number so people can roughly gauge when this running production change happened.  By posting the serial number, we will also be able to determine if Sennheiser does or does not return to shipping HD 800 S headphones with black cables (it could be a temporary production change due the supply issues).
    Sennheiser does not build HD 800/S headphones perfectly sequentially and the production of serialized headbands and the insertion of accessories in the box is somewhat randomized. For example, this photo shows one technician at Sennheiser has a totally separate bin of serialized HD 800 headbands (see right side of photograph) at her workstation and therefore the serial numbers cannot be perfectly assigned sequentially. Each technician on the small HD 800/S production team has their own bins and each technician produces the headphones at a different pace. The second photo shows the randomized insertion of included accessories. 
  9. Whazzzup
    mine is # 920 is black
  10. CANiSLAYu
  11. oatp1b1
    #1281 here, silver connectors
  12. CanDude
    #02134, black 1/4" and XLR connectors. The connectors for the headphone are silver, and always have been AFAIK.
  13. Mediahound

    Exactly. It's the amp side connectors that are black.
  14. iDesign
    I dont think anyone has ever been confused about this. See posts #4080 and #4190
  15. daltonlanny
    Serial # 2196.
    Mine both are black as well.
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