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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. metsat
    Hi everybody. I’ve searched this thread but couldn’t find an answer. I’m looking for a short (1.25m) balanced 2.5mm cable for my HD800S for use with my Plenue D2 balanced out. I did find a cable from a U.K. shop but they don’t accept turkish credit cards. Could you guys recommend me a cable like this? Would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. peter123
    Just search for HD800 on Aliexpress and you'll get plenty of options :)
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  3. metsat
    Thanks for the reply and the tip. Made a quick search on Aliexpress and found a bunch. Thanks again.
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  4. Ichos
    Or you can order a better cable from Forza AudioWorks with the termination of your liking.
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  5. x7007
    what termination does?
  6. Ichos
    Should i write terminated?
    Sorry for my not perfect English.
  7. jcn3
    termination is the connector on the end of cables. in your case, you want a cable terminated with a 2.5 mm plug.
  8. GU1DO
    A small warning to anybody getting the (misodiko Replacement Ear Pads)
    these pads are really easy to install but very very hard to uninstall ,, i had to destroy on of them to get it out of my HD800S ,,
    so be very careful before installing them ,, sound wise , i didnt like it ,, it make the sound hollow and more harsh , mid bass disappear,
    but nonetheless it could work for others , its all about preference
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  9. Amberlamps
    The trick to remove them is to get one corner to lift a little bit and then weirdly you start rotating the earpad and it should then slide off.

    That info was not included in the bag that the pads came in, but it is included in the box that my dekoni elite sheep pads came in and they use the exact same frame.

    So, for others, all you do is prise up a little area of the pads, then from the inside and underneath the pads, start to gently turn the whole pad and it will then start to slowly unclip itself without any force.

    Shame you had to destroy them to get them off, if you get other pads, try the dekoni removal solution as it really does work.

    Soundwise the misodiko pads do absolutely jack to the sound, this isn't aimed at you, but this place never ceases to amaze me with the bullschit that some folk say, next I will see somebody post that if they hold their finger up in the air, the highs will be less sharp and bright and more refined, and the bass got tighter and now I can hear the mids oh so much better.

    It's hilarious reading what some folk say. No wonder audiophiles get a bad name and why this game is expensive, as we have idiots endorsing crap that just doesn't do anything.to change the sound at all.

    This is how we end up with schit like this that only costs £2500.


    A machine to blow dust off a bloody record, which technically shouldn't have dust on it if you keep it in it!s dust cover jacket.

    All that can be yours for only £2500.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
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  10. Ichos
    Wow that's a great essay!

    It never passed from your mind that you can hear jack **** as you say and you accuse other members as idiots because they hear the sound change.
    Maybe you are some kind of golden ear super guru and he have to take your thoughts and opinion as a token.
    You accuse other members for their subjective opinion and then you just lay down your own subjective opinion with out any objective proof.
    Great what a headphone guru you are!
  11. Amberlamps
    Yup, and thanks for your support of my great essay.
  12. Ichos
    Thank you , please continue to share with us your knowledge!
  13. Amberlamps
    Will do :wink:
  14. Ichos
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  15. GU1DO
    Thanks for the first part , i hope it would be helpful for others ,, second part i didn't understand ,, English is not my first language , sorry.
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