Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. endgame
    Once again, you need to go back and read. I wasn’t the one making claims. I was responding to unwarranted criticism made against the 800S. This isn’t a pissing contest. I don’t care if you or anyone else likes the Utopia. Good for you if you do. But to defend your reasoning for liking “said headphone”, you don’t get to pull out false claims out of thin air. Don’t respond to me again until you know what the conversation is about. I’m tired of having two separate conversations at the same time. Stay on point or move on. Because that’s what I’m doing.
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  2. daltonlanny
    No offense, ubs28, but you really need to go back to your Utopia thread.
    You are becoming rather obnoxious on this thread.
    You have made it very clear, repeatedly, how supposedly superior the Utopia is to the HD800/ YOUR opinion.
    Can you move on now?
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  3. Quinto
    I think much of the perceived strong- & weak points have to do with the genre you listen to.. For me the 800S is perfect for classical (both orchestral, chamber and solo) and Jazz trio's and sax..

    For rock, hip hop and the likes there might be better choices..

    Also a big factor in the headphone experience is your hearing, which might not compare to mine or someone else's.. but you all know that of course..;D
  4. endgame
    In addition to the 800S, I also own the HEK 1000 V2. I love that headphone. I think it’s a little better than the 800S. But guess what? That doesn’t mean the 800S isn’t a phenomenal headphone. It absolutely is. And as good as the HEK V2 is, it doesn’t blow the 800S out of the water. It’s a LITTLE better. I don’t have to put the 800S down because I also like another headphone. I wish other people in here understood that.

    Love your posts by the way!
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  5. daltonlanny
    I totally agree, and thanks man. Much appreciated :wink:
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  6. joseph69
    I too have no issues with the HD800S upper frequencies at all.
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  7. Svatopluk
    In my opinion, the the Utopia's soundstage has better depth and center focus compared to the HD800-S. The HD800 S and the Utopia excel in different areas, I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy both.
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  8. csglinux
    I also own both, so don't really have a dog in this fight. Except, that overall I lean towards the HD800S, so maybe I have a small chihuahua in the fight :wink:

    The Utopias really need a good source, i.e., recording, mixing, mastering, DAC, amp, etc. I think most people would appreciate the Utopias over the HD800S if the stars were all aligned properly. The differences are certainly there to be appreciated on good recordings via a Chord Dave. But how many people listen exclusively to fantastic-quality recordings and carry a Dave around with them? Cost aside - Dave is just too darn big. I find the subtleties of the Utopias less discernable via the Hugo 2.

    The majority of the time, I find the HD800S to be a more pleasant listening experience - even if it isn't technically superior. And I know everybody says it, but it's often hard to escape the slightly overly-bright nature of the Utopias.

    They're both great headphones. But depending on listening environment, it's easy to see why one would have a preference one way or another. I think we (myself included) have to try really hard not to label anything as "better", because better is almost always subjective.
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  9. endgame
    You’re always allowed to say one is better or worse and you like one better or worse. What you shouldn’t do is just make stuff up to bash a headphone to justify your purchase of another one. That’s where I have a problem with people. Saying things like the 800S has a terrible soundstage, is just utter BS. Especially compared to the Utopia, which clearly has a smaller soundstage. And then to say it’s not dynamic???? WTH? Before the creation of the Utopia it was considered one of the MOST dynamic headphones in existence. That type of fanboyism should be posted in the Utopia thread.
    Now to be fair, you can PREFER a smaller soundstage or brighter signature or less treble or more bass etc. But preference versus a general statement that is simply untrue, are very different things. I own the 800S and have heard the Utopia. I greatly prefer the 800S. The Utopia simply isn’t for me. But is it bad? I’d say it’s way overpriced. But as an objective fact, I can say it has a smaller soundstage compared to the 800S. So you can’t say the 800S has a crappy soundstage while comparing it to a headphone that has a SMALLER soundstage.
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  10. csglinux
    Those are two different things. The second amendment allows me to say both, but only the latter is unequivocally true. Unless you're the President, then anything you want to say becomes true and all contrary positions become fake :wink:
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  11. endgame
    Haha! Fair enough. As long as you can back up what you say without making things up out of thin air, then say whatever the heck you want. It’s all good. But someone has to call BS when one of your warrants for the HD800S being a bad headphone is that it has a crappy soundstage. Of all things that you can criticize, who chooses that one?
  12. TonyNewman
    I also have both and enjoy both the HD800S and HEKv2. Different characters - the HEKv2 is more laid back and relaxed, the HD800S more impactful and 'direct' - to my ears at least. It's nice to have the choice. If I want to chill out to some Melody Gardot, for example, the HEKv2 is perfect. If I am in the mood for something a little more intense, then the HD800S comes out. Both are excellent at what they do.

    I wanted so very much to like the Utopia, but there is just too much treble energy happening combined with the forward presentation - it's in your face all the time. Attack, attack, attack. That's not my thing, but I get why other folks might love them.

    I recently bought an Aeon closed headphone and it has impressed me a great deal. I am starting to wonder if the Aeon open would have been a better option than the HD800S for me (not to mention roughly half the price).

    Anyone had some A/B time with the Aeon open vs HD800S and want to share their thoughts?
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  13. TYATYA
    Tidal user can check where is woman singer position? How size is sound field diameter by 800s

    Listen to "Gui Em Chiec Non Bai Tho" in TIDAL
    Check out this track in TIDAL: "Gui Em Chiec Non Bai Tho" by Pham Phuong Thao
  14. windcar
    I spent a lot of time fighting the Utopia's treble. What worked for me is to set a couple of jumpers on my audio-gd dac-amp to balance the treble. On top of that, I also need to make myself a custom cable made of cross section > 4 x 18AWG wire to lower the treble further and to increase soundstage and sub-bass. 18AWG... that's thick enough to power speakers. Was it worth it? I think so, since now it's very listenable and I did not end up spending money other than the material cost of the cable.
    I never needed to fight the 800 S, except to get rid of my Jotunheim. I would say the 800 S treble is more coherent, and also perhaps, the entire frequency spectrum. When Tyll mentioned in his blog that the 800 S sounded distanced by comparison, I do find that in certain songs, but that was not down to the 6KHZ peak, but due to the sucked out lower mids which I find to be a major weakness of 800 S, along with the lower than average bass.

    I did audition Utopia-Dave pairing and it sounded wonderful, not so much with Hugo 1, but it was a relatively short listening and nothing critical. I read somewhere that Dave is performing some DSP from it's headphone output which is not present from it's xlr output. This might explain why the Utopia sounds good from the headphone out and not from an additional amp like Dave->Milo->Utopia.
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  15. endgame
    If you ever pull the trigger on the Aeon Open, please post your comparison here against the 800S, because I’m very curious also.

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