Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. groovyd
    Received the massdrop Delkoni HD650 perforated lamb skin pads this morn and while they are a lot more comfortable then the stock they are indeed hotter and tilt the response bass heavy. Will be interesting to see how their HD800s pads are. Anyone order them yet? Link?
  2. AutumnCrown
    Can anyone speak to the match between the HD800 S and violectric v200? I know it worked great with the non S. Does this combo go too far away from neutral?
  3. Arniesb
    V200 wont be able to show what HD800S is capable of. V280 and V281 in balanced does make HD800S justice. Just make sure to pair it with non colored detailed dac. Violectric amps with a laidback or smooth dac is very bad idea!!!
  4. Quinto
    Wonderful match, I use it with Audio-GD DAC19 and it sounds gorgeous, maybe not the most neutral but natural, lifelike if you will. I love it.

    I also like it with my Audio-GD NOS11V2 which sounds better (as it should), especially with demanding music like Mahler symphonies, more detail, better soundstage

    The thing is, sometimes I don't need the overload of information and like the more musical experience, this is were the V200 comes in..
  5. casper3127
    I can speak as well of the HD800S and the NOS11 V2 and they pair really well. A more musical, not that neutral dac/amp makes a great pairing with these SENNS.

    Other (complementary) way of understanding how music can be played is to pair the NOS11 with the LCD-Xs. Both enjoyable, both for determined types of music/recordings/styles...

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  6. Ra97oR
    I totally enjoying my current setup, including after trying the new HDV820. But I guess if you want to decide if balance makes a difference, it might take more than a quick listening session outside from your house.
  7. jmac1516
    Sennheiser 800S and Violectric are a fantastic match! I have the V200 big brother (V281) and the combo always come through and wows me. All German chain!

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  8. Whazzzup
    I use a mutt approach, diversity... german, british, japanese,usa, new zealand make my chain and frankly I'm tickled.
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  9. jmac1516
    The glass of scotch is Irish!
  10. Whazzzup
    my scotch is scotch but I'm jiggy with the irish.
  11. ezekiel77
    German DAP needed lol
  12. rexhu100
    I'm glad I found this thread!
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  13. Sp12er3
    I finally got a chance to demo these a couple of times, once in a busy meet environment, 2nd in a much quieter store demo room, was very awed by it, definitely one fine Open back to aim for :)
  14. Swiftfalcon
    Okay so I am having a newfound height of appreciation for the 800S today. I ve been dealing with a defective single ended stock cable since I purchased the 800S in July. Hence I was only listening it out of jotunheim’s balanced out using the stock sennheiser 4 pin xlr cable.
    Sennheiser india finally managed to get a replacement 6.3’ cable from Germany and send it to me (the delay at Indian customs is horrendous). Anyway listening straight out of chord hugo 2 headphone out has kicked the 800S wow factor to levels I couldn’t imagine before. The dynamic range and openness and illusion of live music ...omg...just breathtaking. My nitpicking of minute flaws in individual aspects of the music is laid to rest with this’s like I don’t care now and just want to take the music in :)
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  15. devilboy
    Anyone using an HD800S with a Burson? I know that's not the ideal pairing. I had (and loved), an HD800 with a Woo WA2 years ago. However, life happens and after I sold all my stuff I needed a dac/head amp/preamp combo and went with a Burson V2+. This is my fourth Burson over the years and I believe it to be the least SS sounding and do enjoy it. I currently use Audeze LCD-2 Fazor for movies and electronic drum and bass but boy do I miss my HD800 ffor classical and sweet.
    So, anyone have any experience with the 800S with a Burson V2+?

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