Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread
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I must agree... with the right setup the HD650's are truly exceptional.

I kept tweaking them and my setup, until I achieved the sound I was after... sort of a Senn version of the RS-1 (e.g. removing the foam linings, the Zu cable, etc.). The RS-1's are great, but, now so are my HD650's - very fast, clear, bright and detailed.
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the HD650 is the only pair of headphones i own that i have never thought of selling.. even though when i buy new cans and i find the new cans sound great, i always find myself going back to the HD650 and end up selling off the new cans. the zu mobius was the best upgrade i've given my HD650 rig so far, short of a new headphone amp.

its a wonder how the HD650 manages to be such an all rounder. sort of like a jack of all trades and master of some.
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I was never blown away by my HD650 (well thats a lie, I loved it at first), but always preferred the Stax 2020 and to a lesser extent, the Jecklin Float. Im glad I traded them for the HF-1.

But yeah I never built a system behind them. So maybe I dont know what I'm missing. I know what I've got though
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Originally Posted by Roasty

its a wonder how the HD650 manages to be such an all rounder. sort of like a jack of all trades and master of some.

If it will give all my classical music back to me it will be my best friend forever!!

......exceptin' when I'm listening to rock on my MS2i

But the MS2s just don't care for groups larger than about twenty musicians.
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I yet to hear the K701 in a balanced set up, but the HD-650 is exceptional from a moderate setup to a very highend set up. Especially running balanced out of the SDS-XLR using Zu Mobius cable, the combo is almost as good as the R10 balanced.
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the sennheiser hd650 is very soothing, thats what i like most about it. grados just come at you way to fast to hear any detail. i know people wont always agree with that, but its what i have experienced so far
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Of dynamic cans, I have owned: Sennheiser HD650, Audio Technica L3000, Headphile K3000, Grado RS-1, Grado HP-2, AKG K701 & K1000, Sony SA5000. I recently needed to repurchase a dynamic headphone, with a $1500 budget on the headphone itself, and after thinking it through I decided to buy the HD650. That should be enough to show what I think of the HD650,

The K1000 was a close call though, but nobody had Aleph 3s on Audiogon to sell (Canman sold his a day before I was 100% sure I wanted an Aleph). If one pops up though, I'll buy the amp first, then the headphones - I probably won't sell the HD650, though.

The HD650s were the first headphones I loved, so I guess it has some sentimental value
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Originally Posted by humanflyz

How's that Stello combo+HD650 sound? I'm kind of interested in getting a secondary, somewhat more traditional setup.

I will get to know tomorrow, when the Stellos arrive!
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Originally Posted by tangsta
how much better do you think cables make the hd650

an aftermarket cable will bring out the HD650's true potential. without it you are missing out on what could've been..
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I continue to be entertained and WOWed by my HD650.

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