Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread
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And that's the thing about headphones. They are probably the only audio component where sound quality is not the only consideration. Comfort is right up there, for me at least.

Comfort is perhaps even more important than sound quality for me. If it's not comfortable, it won't stay on my head in the end. In that way I've been totally spoiled by starting with Beyerdynamic and now moving to Sennheiser — it's hard to find other headphones comfortable. I've bought, and sold, the HE-400 twice mostly because of it's inability to cross my comfort threshold and returned other headphones promptly for the same reason. And now I'm trying out the TH600, and the thinner headband padding and non-velour earpads are making it distracting to listen to. I put on the HD650 again and everything in the world feels right. Which is silly, but there it is.
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Following on in this vein I sold my ATH W1000X they where beautiful sounding cans but the wing system they use just didn't suit my noggin and they never felt secure and the ear pads where just a complete a tactile disaster zone I really didn't enjoy putting them on my head but they sounded beautiful and the wood cups where gorgeous a real shame actually.
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I love that on occasion when I turn that volume knob up more than usual, the 650s don't just sound louder, they sound better driven. I feel like I'm getting more depth of sound. I don't get that with my DT990s, they just sound a lot louder. 
Edit: On the topic of comfort, for those curious, I'd probably pick the 650s ever so slightly above the DT990s. Honestly I can wear both all day, that is about 10 hours for me, and forget I have them on until I go to stand and the cord reminds me. The reason for me picking the 650s is simply the fact that it has more cushioning on the headband. Pads are different between the two, but both are awesome. I never get tired of them being on my head. I think I lucked out back when I got both of these.
Here is a great track I stumbled across (I really don't understand how I end up in certain places on the internet anymore.):
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I thought everyone who used Senn hp's for mastering used the 800. Would have never guessed the 650. Very cool though. 

Well, before the 800s came out, the usual suspects were the 600s. Mastering Engineers usually get speakers, amps and even headphones based on recommendations from other engineers and the 600s do pair better most of the time with Solid State amps, so I think this is why they have been preferred over the 650s. I was lucky to know someone who had the 650s paired with a tube amp and when I first heard them, the low end translation reminded me immediately of what I hear from my speakers, so I went for them and am glad I did!

I have seen the 800s in lots of studios, but sometimes I wonder if they're more for show than anything else (I found them a bit "cold" when I checked a pair a few years back over different DACs/amps).
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Although the 650 is good at pretty much everything I feel they truly excel with female vocals. On that note...

Featuring Norah Jones.
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My listening is all over the map this morning. New Bjork and Punch Brothers albums. Just before that it was London Grammar. 

Bjork I can give a miss but good to see another Punch Brothers fan. I didn't know they had new material out. I'll need to check that out this evening.

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