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Sennheiser HD598- recable, single sided, balanced

  1. hutt132
    Just did this mod and it works great! Used a Sennheiser replacement cable and the same male 4-pin XLR connector used in the guide.
    Cable: https://en-us.sennheiser.com/accessories--hd-518--hd-558--hd-598--headphone-cable
    Male 4-pin XLR: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002EDO2K0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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  2. Indrajit
    Hi, is there a ready made 2.5mm balanced cable for Sennheiser hd 598 for balanced output?
  3. Armaegis
    You can approach any of the prolific cable makers online and have them make one for you.
  4. uli87
    I am also just starting to look into balanced. I assume this would work?

    So my understanding is that the HD598 is wired balanced and all I would need to do is buy this 2.5 mm cable and it's good to go?
  5. legopart
    I just cant find the 2.5mm connector with 4pins for soldering

    I wanted to do it too but...
    - I don't want to ruin the original cable.
    - TRS connector is more then enoth for this headphones.
    - I wanted to order another TRS cable but again, I do not like to ruin things.

    I found this one one ebay
    And he sold me for +5$ addition, 2M cable with XLR connector:

    so, for me its the only option. I logically don't want to order an original cable and ruin it
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  6. Indiemaker
  7. Indiemaker

    Hi, does this readymade cable work?
  8. Kugellager
    I bought that cable to use with my Sennheiser 598 Cs and a set of DIY cans I built from scratch. I wanted to use them with the balanced output on my FiiO Q1 Mark II.

    My non-scientific impressions were that the bass in both sets of headphones sounded fuller. Maybe the bass frequencies sounded better (total speculation) because the balanced outputs on the Q1 are higher powered and the amplifier didn’t have to work as hard in that end of the frequency spectrum. Listened to Massive Attack/John Coltrane/Pantera/a-ha/Metallica to test them out.

    Edit: the cable does have some annoying microphonics due to the stiffer wire.

    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  9. legopart
    For today I not reccomend it!
    The sound is less smoother then the original cable.

    Can you send some pictures of the DIY cans ?

    Sorry to say that, but I start to disslike this headphones sound
  10. Kugellager
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  11. dogilainen
    Radsone ES100 2.5 mm balanced out has

    T - Right-
    R - Right+
    R - Left+
    S - Left-

    I imagine that a cable that could be used to connect these two, HD598 to ES100, does not exist, and would have to be custom made? :D

    IF I have understood correctly.. this post claims that the 2.5 mm TRRS jack on (HD598CS) headphone end works quite differently? Or could HD598 and HD598CS have different wiring..
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  12. Armaegis
    Yeah you'd probably need a custom cable to use the radstone.

    That other post you linked is probably referring to the 3.5mm TRRS end of a cable with a mic. The 2.5mm TRRS end that goes into the cup is probably different.
  13. Kugellager
    You might be able to use a 2.5 mm TRRS cable that is made for Astell and Kern or some Onkyo DACs. Here is a link I found awhile back when I was looking for Audio Connector Pinouts when making my own cables.

    Go down to the the first 2.5 mm TRRS connector to see some compatible pinouts.

    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019

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