Sennheiser HD420 Appreciation Thread
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Nov 26, 2007
As much as I am more of a fan and user of Sony IEM's I just wondered how many of you still enjoy using your vintage Sennheiser HD420 phones in spite of them being 600 ohms?

I have had mine since 1983, and they sat fror years in a box after the original cord broke and the inner pads rotted out on me, but the original cloth covers on them were still in great condition, and about a couple of years ago after first joining Head-Fi (and subsequently having my wallet drained out every month), I found a pair of them on eBay for $20.00 with one blown driver and the OEM original cord, cloth covers and headband, all in top condition.

I used the good parts, bought some replacement pads (for an HD435?) and rebuilt mine to now have a teriffic pair to use on my Hi-Fi unit, given the opportunity, and although my Headsix (also bought upon joining Head-Fi, thanks Dr. Meier!) can't drive them like a home amp would, I still every now and then pull them out to give a listen to them, but mostly they sit unused.

So now, I own a great pair on cans, along with spare HD420 cloth covers (from the one bought on eBay), HD435 pads, a spare connecting cable, and an extra headband (all bought from Senn before running into the HD420s on eBay).

Does anyone have memories of their times with the HD420? Would love to read them.
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The HD 420 were my first Sennheiser headphones - bought very many years before I started working for them.

A recording engineer friend of mine recommended them to me (up 'till then I had been using AKG K 60 and Beyer DT 100).

They were very nice headphones, but a bit dull and slow by today's standards. But as you can't get the earpads anymore, a bit useless, unfortunately.

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