Seattle/Eastside minimeet, anyone?
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Originally Posted by james__bean
You guys are always welcome to come to the Portland meet this Saturday.

Again, why would anyone drive hundreds of miles when they have no apparent interest in meeting locally? I don't get it
But good luck on someone from the Seattle area showing up, and if they do I hope they enjoy themselves.
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Originally Posted by johan851
^ Where are you going to school?

UW, Huskies baby. I got direct admissions into the Computer Science and Engineering department, which doesn't mean much my first year, but it means that I don't have to worry about getting into the program later. Should be fun, it's a huge school (I've heard between 37,000 and 40,000 students), but Seattle's a great city with lots to do. I'm looking forward to everything except for my girlfriend still being in Richland.

And unfortunately, no Portland meet for myself, too close to school time.
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I'm actually a teaching assistant for CSE142 - the intro CSE class. If you want, you could sign up for my section. You'd be in my class once a week, I'd grade your assignments, etc. PM me if you're interested. I'm going into my senior year at UW, majoring in Electrical Engineering.
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Originally Posted by fewtch
Again, why would anyone drive hundreds of miles when they have no apparent interest in meeting locally?

All the more reason to go! I mean, if you really need a fix...

Seriously though, fewtch, I understand. It seems to me that maybe people up here are mildly interested, but really need a quiet, free place to have a meet (that could hold people+gear). At least that's what I remember from other Seattle threads. Bummer. Maybe we could have a headphone club with some cheap dues that we put toward a monthly or quarterly hall rental.

I dunno...just brainstorming...
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Headphone meet at someone's house if its big/nice/hasfreefood/hasgirls would work! hahahaha
But I've been looking to see if a meet would show up... too bad there's no real interest.
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I think if we can find a suitable (aka: free) location and a date that will work for most people (aka: a weekend in October maybe), then we could get enough people for at least a mini meet. I won't have a location, and I don't know Seattle at all yet, but if anybody had a house that they wouldn't mind us using for a good portion of the day, then that's all we would need. Doesn't need to be particularly nice, the only thing I could see being a problem would be if the headfier or his/her spouse or kids didn't want it at the house. Shall we start a tally of who would actually go to one if we had a location? I'm in!
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Taking some inspiration from the NYC portables mini-meet, how about we have a portables-centric meet?

Since finding a meeting place seems to be the main obstacle, with portable gear, we could meet in a public place like the food court in a shopping mall. We can grab lunch and hang out for a couple of hours. I figure it should only take 4 or 5 people to make it worthwhile.

So, anyone in Seattle own the AE-1 or Pocket Reference II?
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Sounds good to me, seeing as I only really have gear that's portable. Nothing real special, but it's holding me for now. This is definitely only the beginning in my head-fi career... or opposite of career, cause I'm certainly not making any money off of this.
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Sounds cool. I only have my portable Mint, but that's a start. My current Pimeta is not quite done, and is wall powered anway. Maybe if we pull some tables up to a few wall sockets down at the Seattle Center, we could secure a little bit o' mains power. (Even though it's a bit noisy there)

I may post a thread in this forum over the weekend to figure out how groups in other cities find space or end up with a place to go. We're being denied up here in Seattle, and maybe there's just something we're not up on. ??? Are they paying into it? Is someone donating it? Hearing some other designs would really take the confusion out of the ever present question, "what do I build next?"
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So it's been another month since the last thread posted on this topic.
This is actually my first post on this subject so I really shouldn't say anything...haha

But I'd say YES to another meet. Been to a meet like 2 years ago, and since then, actually, I had been neglecting the Head-fi world until now. I don't know what pushed me away and I don't know what pulled me back in. All I know is I can't stand my current system anymore! Muahaha... Plus I'd like to get myself a portable system as well, and I'd very much like to listen to some gears before I throw couple hundred dollars away.

Maybe a Husky meet? LOL
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Sounds like there are at least a few of us Huskies here on Headfi, so maybe a small UW meet wouldn't be a terrible idea. I've settled in to college life and figured out (well, sorta) the bus system, so if we want to do it off campus so it's easier for others I could still make it. I'm good with whatever.

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