Searching for the End Game Hi-Fi Headphones for Cyberpunk 2077... ZMF Verite? Audeze LCD4z?
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Jul 5, 2010
Hi all! Currently I'm running a pair of HD800S running through a Valhalla 2 and a Schiit Mimby but I'm looking for a setup that would be more leaned towards a cinematic immersive gaming experience. Soundstage is important of course but I'm also looking for something more... fun and life like with punchy accurate bass that still carry some characteristics that the HD800 provide such as imaging, resolution and detail.

I absolutely love my HD800S but I feel like I want that huge final push for ultimate immersion since the game of my dreams is coming out april of next year. I've already overhauled my PC and display to where there is no upgrade room left really (LG C9 55") so all that is left is my headphone setup. I've got my eye on either the ZMF Verite (New) or the Audeze LCD-4z (Used, I just can't sling 4 grand like that on new cans lol). I've heard amazing things about both but as of late I'm leaning more towards the ZMF Verite.As far as Amp/Dacs go I was planning on going with a Questyle CMA Twelve(Their new flagship) but if there is a combo(or AIO) that you guys would recommend I'd love to look into them(Looking for around the same budget of 1300$ for DAC/AMP). Sadly I don't have any place near me to audition any of this stuff so I'm going into it kinda blind and hoping from the best drawing my own conclusion from several opinions and reviews. All reviews I've read or watched are tailored towards just music and not in anyway movies or games so I'm hoping to get some feedback here.

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