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Searching for an IEM(Simgot en700 pro, Fiio F9 pro, iBasso IT01, Final E4000)

  1. Mbroke
    Hello guys, excuse my poor vocabulary as i am not a frequent writer on the forums. Recently I moved to switzerland and as the life around here is too fast to sit down and listen to music at home I decided to get an IEM. I looked around on the internet and I really like Fiio F9 pro and Simgot EN700 PRO. The problem is i can not decide between those two. I am very scared of the highs on the F9. Some people say they are fixed but others say they are still too hot. On the other hand I read simgot is too boring. I mainly enjoy acoustic guitar songs, psychadelic rock, jazz, reggae, disco and last but not least Deadmau5. I like my bass as bass guitar is a very important instrument in these genres and I also like wide soundstage and separation between the instruments. I will use my phone(huawei mate 9) as my main source of music. What would you guys recommend for me? Or should I perhaps buy something completely different?
  2. Mbroke
    I also started reading about IT01 and E4000 both seem interesting. I know these are all amazing headphones worthy of an investment I just need a push towards one of them.
  3. buke9
    Don’t know about the Simgot or Fiio but do own the IT01 and just heard the E5000. Yes I know you said the E4000 and it was sitting right next to it but had other things to listen to and from what I’ve read they are pretty close on a lot of things but detail being much better from the E5000. Seeing what you listen to the first being acoustic guitar and jazz if it were just that then I would say go with the Final but reggae and some Deadmau5 then I would go with the IT01 as they are more v shaped with definitely more bass from them. The other thing is sensitivity the IT01 is 108+/- 2 dB and the Final is 97 dB with the E5000 93 dB and impedance 16,15 and 14 ohms respectively. The E5000 I had to put my QP1R on high gain and then the volume knob within about 10 to 15 % of max and I can listen to the IT01’s in low gain but usually put it to mid gain and not as much % on the volume knob. I wish I had tried the 4000 but have to say the 5000 is a much better iem to me than the IT01 but just shy of 3x the cost. Neither would be a bad choice the Final being about $30 to 40 more depending on where you get either but the IT01 would do better with a phone I think . Just my opinion and as always YMMV.
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  4. Navanski
    My IT01 IEMs are in transit at the moment and I'm really looking forward to them arriving. I read this thread with interest.
    The only comment I would make is that you may think that the IT01 IEMs would be great for use with a phone but their super-efficiency could be a problem. You'll need to find a phone with a really good S/N ratio because otherwise your listening pleasure is going to be disrupted by loads of hiss.
  5. buke9
    Well they are efficient but would not call them super efficient like some 125 dB ones so no worries of a high noise floor . On my QP1R even on high gain there is no loads of hiss only that that is in some recordings.

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