Schiit modi3 or multibit dac?

  1. ultramabi
    Hey guys you may have already noticed the modi3 has been released from schiit. I am wondering if the multibit is worth the extra money from the modi3. Anybody had try using both to compare? I am looking for a good dac to pair with a magni3. Should I get the modi multibit or the modi3?
  2. r08zy
  3. marku1350
    Another member wrote up a nice little review comparing the two in another thread:

  4. r08zy
    Thanks for that, it's still a coin toss which option to go for in my head at the moment but that review definitely helps. I'd love it if I could hear them both side before making a decision.

    I'm pretty sure they will both blow my IQAudio DAC away.

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