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Schiit modi3 or multibit dac?

  1. ultramabi
    Hey guys you may have already noticed the modi3 has been released from schiit. I am wondering if the multibit is worth the extra money from the modi3. Anybody had try using both to compare? I am looking for a good dac to pair with a magni3. Should I get the modi multibit or the modi3?
  2. r08zy
  3. marku1350
    Another member wrote up a nice little review comparing the two in another thread:

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  4. r08zy
    Thanks for that, it's still a coin toss which option to go for in my head at the moment but that review definitely helps. I'd love it if I could hear them both side before making a decision.

    I'm pretty sure they will both blow my IQAudio DAC away.
  5. earChasm
    You can. Buy them both and return the one you like less. Then you will never wonder "what if"...
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  6. pure5152
    I've read (on a site that shall not be named) that the ak 4490 (modi 3) has greater clarity and "headspace", at the sacrifice of a more "digital" sound compared to the modi multibit (mimby).

    I don't have a modi 3, but I do have a ha2se that uses a sabre 9028 and a modi multibit. I've tried both with the lyr 3, and here's my subjective opinions:
    • ha2se feels more "clean," with more treble details (e.g. cymbals sound more detailed in "Fragments of Time" by daft punk)
    • mimby has a more "powerful, spacious" sound with more "depth". mimby feels more warm.

    Overall, I enjoy the mimby greatly. I end up valuing that powerful sound more so than the cleaners sound of the ha2se, and I feel it is worth $250.

    I agree with @earChasm though, and if it's in your means buy both, a/b, and return the one you like less. Keep in mind the mimby doesn't include a usb cable, so if you don't have one it'll cost you a bit extra for that option.

    Another thing to consider: I've found the mimby has a slight audible hum from its USB 3 inport (and I've read that the modi 3 has this too) - if you have sensitive headphones, you might consider getting a ($179) Eitr for a truly clean sound. This Schiit adds up...

    EDIT: also remember that schiit only allows returns for three orders a year. if you think you'll be wanting to "try out" lots of schiit gear in the future, keep this in mind.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
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  7. ultramabi
    Thank you for the information! I have another question though if you guys by any chance know. What is the definition of a delta-sigma dac? I'm wondering if I should just buy the mimby and buy a fiio e30/k3 if it were to come out soon. Is the e30/k3 also a delta-sigma dac like the modi3? Here is the thread to the fiio amp/dac.

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2018
  8. ultramabi
    Oh, also does anyone know when the modi3 is paired with the Eitr, would it measure better than the modi multibit or vice versa?
  9. buke9
    I would worry more if it sounded better than measures better as that is the end result you are looking for. If you were going to do that then save a bit longer and $130 more or so and go Bifrost it has the Gen 5 usb built in and one less power cord to plug in and cable to use.
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  10. ultramabi
    Thanks for the help but do you by any chance know if the DAC on the fiio e30/k3 is a Delta-Sigma dac? Sorry kinda new to amps and dacs. I know there are R2R and Delta-sigmas. I'm wondering if the k3 fits into these categories.
  11. buke9
    Pretty sure delta sigma but can’t say for sure .
  12. pure5152
    I’ve read that, measurement-wise, the Eitr decreases the noise floor on the modi 3 and multibit by around 10db (-125db -> -135db). The difference is audible to me at least, with greater instrument separation and better depth with the mimby.

    According to the head-fi FiiO e30/k3 thread, the dac uses a ak 4452, which is a delta-sigma. In general, sabre (e.g sabre 9028) and AK dacs (e.g. ak 4452, ak 4490 in the modi 3) are delta-sigma.

    Again, don't discount delta sigma! There's an awesome article I read that compares delta sigma and multibit technology - I highly recommend you check it out if you're curious to learn the technical differences. the TL;DR: with modern filtering techniques, delta sigma can match/exceed multibit performance, but ultimately it's _up to you_ to determine which sounds best _to you_.
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  13. ultramabi
    Ty again! This was very helpful.
  14. 500178
    Just a quick note, this also does depend on the amplifier and headphone that you own.
    I personally never really experienced a big difference within Schiit products, but I like the Bitfrost Multibit (Gen 5) for it's form factor and the driver support.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2018

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