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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 26, 2016.
  1. Zachik
    I actually wonder whether shielded vs. non-shielded make any difference?
    Not trying to derail the thread too much, but on a Schiit Jot - could anyone who tried both shielded and non-shielded comment?
  2. joeexp
    What a waste of $1,000.00
    For $799.99 you could have gotten yourself the AEON Flow, which looks and sounds better.

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  3. Alcophone
    Looks better? Yes. Sounds better? lol, no. Less punchy, less bass extension, recessed mids. The closed one sounds okay to me (though not really better than the much cheaper Focal Listen, surprisingly), but the open one I didn't like because of the mids. The HD660S sounded more balanced to me. But the Ether Flows are great, just love em.
  4. Peter Ong
    I wholeheartedly agree. It’s not about the cables. It’s all in choosing the right Velcro zip-tie.
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  5. joeexp
    I'm glad you got your priorities right.

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  6. GearMe
    I assume you're buying the anti-resonant, velcro zip-ties!
  7. Share2Care
    Hey Yall :)

    Currently enjoying my Jot but looking to expand.Really am not sure where I can go with the Jot, to be honest. A tube element would be great...From looking at the back panel it has Pre Out sockets - Could I connect say Freya?

    I added the Dac card for my Jot which was essential and is really enjoyed. Is it worth the money in terms of noticeable quality being heard and felt to go for Modi Multibit Dac?

    Feeling a little lost in the direction that I want to progress as a sure many of us do. I want a top DAC and Amp which has headphone outs in an SE and Balanced format.

    Your advice and guidance are really appreciated! :)
  8. MarkF786
  9. Luckyleo
    I've had the akg-701 for years. Bought the AKG-7xx a month or so ago. Always a good "can" enjoyed it, but it was never my go-to headphone. Today, I put it with my Jotumheim, and OMG, what a frigging tremendous phone. Never in my life would I have thought these things were capable of what I'm hearing. Huge sound stage. Weak bass??? NOT HERE buddy! Not for bass heads, but much, much, more that I've ever heard. Unbelievable. A so-so headphone, is now my go-to phone. Unbelievable.... ( I said it again with a smile on my face :). )
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  10. rawrster
    I got back into headphones recently and ended up purchasing this amp. I have a Yulong D100 dac and HE-560 balanced as the other parts of my chain. There are obvious weak links however I didn't want to spend much and got everything for under 1k. I bought some xlr mic cables for $20 to use which would probably give some people here a heart attack.

    I've owned a few Schiit amps in the past (Lyr 2 and original Mjolnir) and enjoyed both of them. So far, the setup sounds good with nothing to complain about. I was a bit worried about the pairing however luckily no issues there. It sounds better than I expected especially at this price range.

    On another note I wish Schiit had a smaller balanced dac that would stack well with these. I know the bifrost is there however I'm using the rca for something else. The obvious solution would probably be the dac module however I haven't heard good things about it and I already owned a dac so didn't want to waste money on that.
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  11. Swiftfalcon
    Yeah the jotunheim has that can push mid fi headphones very close Into the flagship territory. I think its partly the balanced output power and partly the implementation.
  12. Luckyleo
    Hi all,

    Late to this great amp/dac combo discussion. I have been using it in this configuration with AKG 701, Senn 660S, Grado Head F1. All of the headphones benefit from this great piece of equipment. Ordered a Moon Audio balanced cable for the Senn. Oh my... What a difference. Wider sound stage, very tight base, and beautiful minds. Sounds as if it’s a completely different headphone. My Joti will be a keeper for the long haul!
  13. Phasor
    How would the pairing of the Jotunheim work Audeze LCD-2's? Right now I'm using the Lyr 2 and Bimby but considering getting the Gumby in the future and figured the balanced inputs on Jotunheim would work well with the Gumby. Any info would be appreciated.

  14. Suopermanni
    Have used LCD 2.2 with Gumby/Jot and it does work well in my opinion.
  15. Phasor
    Thanks for the info...Looks like I might just have to give that combo a try.

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