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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 26, 2016.
  1. koover
    Had a feeling I'd need some help with that one! Thanx for the clarification.
  2. sweetben
    Do you (the people in this forum) think the actual headphone amp section of the JOT is good enough to justify pairing it with a high end (expensive) DAC, like the Chord 2Qute?
  3. rkw
    Yes. However, as with any headphone amp you should really be looking at how well it pairs with your headphone, rather than the DAC.

    Note that on the relative scale of audiophile equipment, 2Qute isn't high end, more like mid-level. Among Chord's DAC products, it is actually towards their lower end.
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  4. leafy7382
    Yes, I use my Jot with Yggdrasil (balanced) and HD650 (balanced), but I did replace the standard power cable of the Jot with a 14awg (or, thicker) so that the bass extends a lot deeper.
  5. earnmyturns
    In my experience, absolutely. For a while, I was really enjoying Holo Spring KTE 3>Jot>MrSpeakers Ether C Flow. To improve slightly on that with solid-state amplification, I had to go 3x price with a Neurochrome HP-1. Honestly, I could have stayed really happy with the Jot if I had not been able to borrow an HP-1 to do extensive side-by-side comparisons. But note that I listen mostly to well-recorded modern jazz, modern classical, Iberian/Mediterranean medieval and Renaissance, Baroque, West African music, mostly acoustic, and the relative warmth of the Holo Spring in NOS mode is as far along that axis as I care to go. Other listeners find the Jot too forward and much prefer warmer amps.
  6. StageOne
    Great, thanks for the info. I have a Schiit M/M Uber stack and a Bottlehead crack so Im aware of the fun of tube rolling :) Seems like the Lyr might be the better choice for me.
  7. Alcophone
    Gonna try this soon, and once my friend gives me my second Jot back, I can even do a direct A/B comparison.

    Standard 18 AWG vs TrippLite 14 AWG:

  8. MWSVette
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  9. Alcophone
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  10. MWSVette

    Yep, you are right clicked the wrong one. My bad, thanks for the correction updated my original post...
  11. koover
    I’m having quite a bit of static issues and I cannot take the poor sound issues I’m experiencing.
    I’ve ripped everything apart, cleaned it up and hooked everything back up again and it really didn’t solve my problem. Will updating the power cords on both the Schiit amp and Dac “possibly” clean it up? I running USB through a PC tower.
  12. cskippy
    Hey man! Try and work this backwards. Start with just Jot powered on with no inputs connected and see if there is noise. if there isn't any, add the next component in the chain, presumably SYS? Then Mimby. See at what point the noise starts. You might have a ground loop, and they are tricky beasts to solve. I forego any direct USB connection as your almost guaranteed to get some form of hash, noise, or static from the computer. I use Eitr or optical connection as they both break the ground connection and are electrically isolating.
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  13. koover
    Thanks for replying man. When I get some time, I'll give it a whirl. I like the idea of adding the Eitr into the chain as that seems it will take care of it for the most part.
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  14. GrussGott
    I definitely had issues (ground loop or other?) with both the Mojo as a DAC and running through a high quality surge protector. I replaced the 18awg power with a 14awg ($6 on amazon) and plugged directly in the wall - this fixed that non-Mojo problems.

    The Mojo problem I fixed by replacing it with an Eitr / Mimby - now I have zero noise including when I touch the volume pot which was the last place where I was getting an issue.
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  15. koover
    Well it seems like a no brainer to pick up an Eitr then. I mean what’s the point in investing in nice headphones, good/descent/great gear only to have all this noise. Just ruins whatever you’re listening too. Thanx to you both for the Eitr comments as it pretty much sold me. :metal:
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