Schiit Happens.....A Lesson In Customer Service.
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Jan 24, 2015
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About two weeks ago I purchased a Lyr 1 ( Black ) direct from Schiit Central in Valencia , Ca. Unfortunately I found that this amplifier had a very low level of static on one channel. I contacted Customer Service at Schiit by email and Nick got back to me within the hour. We did some basic troubleshooting and Nick determined factory service was necessary. At that time Nick offered me a full refund, if that was my desire, upon return of the unit.  An offer I declined, as I had listened long enough to know my Lyr 1 was a keeper.
A little while later I was contacted by Laura, who instructed me on how to obtain a Return Authorization, and offered to send me a prepaid shipping label so the unit could be returned. The whole transaction with Nick and Laura was concluded over a period of less then three hours.
On Thursday last I put the Lyr in the mail, and was notified by Laura that the package had arrived on Friday.
Fast forward to this morning when I received notification that my Lyr had been repaired and was on its way back to me. One week turn around. Who could expect better service?
As a retired Electronics QA / QC professional I am well aware that failures can occur with electronic products. But, the measure of a company can be determined by the manner in which a problem is handled, and corrective actions taken.
The courtesy and professionalism demonstrated by the staff at Schiit Audio is commendable, and somewhat uncommon in this day and age.
Jason Stoddard, if you are reading this, please thank your staff, each and every one, for a job well done.
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Nice to hear this! I've a B stock Lyr through Amazon. A real keeper!
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I had my new Yggdrasil break down, out of the box, and the folk at Schiit Audio, has a replacement sent to me, in no time. Laura and Nick are very easy to work with, no fuss, no muss. I think the customer service at Schiit Audio is rock solid, and one of the reasons, why I am a return customer.
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I was a schiit customer when it wasn't more than Mike and Jason and maybe one or two other souls. The way Jason treated me has brought me back to them as a return customer a few more times.
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+1 Well said.
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Jason has gone out of his way to help me out in the past and always responded to my emails.  He's the man and he runs a tight ship!
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Schiit Audio customer service is about as good as it gets!
That even includes pre-sale. I was inquiring about an issue I was having with the sound on my PC and the rep informed me that what I needed was a DAC. Instead of immediately steering me to the most expensive one or even the middle one, I was presented with the Magni and told "this is all you need". I did not even mention my budget or anything. I was even told that the Magni Uber is a mini BitFrost without the price or foot print.
That kind of honesty is extremely rare. One is so used to having to fight over being steered to overkill and something outside of one's budget before getting close to something that is right for the job and within budget. Schiit just comes flat out and shows exactly what you need and if you want more, fine. Personally, being treated well like that makes me consider stepping up to the next level sometime even more. The folks at Schiit are also very nice. Schiit is one company who knows how to succeed and build a customer base even beyond the good quality of the gear. 
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I can attest that Schiit tech support is amazing. Had a issue with grounding on my Lyr 2 and the freeking dude was emailing me at 3am about it. Insane support and got fixed up in a jiffy.

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