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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. Mr Rick
    The Modi 2 is a simple and affordable solution to add streaming services to a vintage receiver or integrated amp. That is how I use mine.
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  2. MefAudio
    Thanks for the update Jason I will wait until probably Tuesday to get back to refreshing the website every 10 minutes lol
  3. OldRoadToad

    ​I just use a Grace Digital Internet Radio (an "internet radio" is just an affordable "streamer", often with more usable/desirable features such as a color screen that displays any artwork and station information.   And presets for favorite stations!) hooked into one of my tape inputs on my 41 year old Sony. It works fine.  Actually, it works great!  The radio has a remote control but if I so choose I can use my Android based phone and that gives me access to 21 presets on the radio.  
    No digital out but then there is no digital in on a 41 year old Sony receiver!  :)
  4. mattlach
    My thoughts exactly.
    Show me a product development and launch that went perfectly to plan from start to finish, never missed a deadline and was completely predictable, and I'll call you a liar :p
    **** like that doesn't happen in the real world no matter how good you are, at least once you surpass even the slightest level of complexity in your product.
  5. OldRoadToad

    ​Do not worry so about when it will finally be available.  A cake made in a real oven, by a baker that knows their ingredients and the time involved in turning them into something worthy is worth the wait.  Elsewise people would hire a 5 year old with an EasyBake™ Oven and a 60 watt bulb.  Do not believe me?   Exempli gratia -   Schiit Freya or Fiio X1-II?
    Hopefully Schiit will not make a fool of me on this one.  I really do not need the help in that department.  Back to you, Jason...
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  6. MefAudio

    Agreed! Product quality comes first every time (especially in a new lineup like the 2-channel launch Schiit is working to enter into, we are a very hard bunch to please...). Craftsmanship is almost lost but not quite. I have someone working on a new audio rack anyway to display my new Freya. It will be a handcrafted piece supporting a hand crafted piece (or pieces if I include Yggy).
  7. disastermouse
    I see a business opportunity for head/hi-fi'ers with electrical/engineering and manufacturing skills. (Post refers to finding newly manufactured tubes that rival 50s-60s era.)
  8. FrivolsListener
    I'd guess that a lot of tribal knowledge about tube manufacture has been lost since we as a society declared them obsolete.
  9. MefAudio
    So question about vidar. If someone wanted to bi-amp a pair of speakers would two Vidars need to be run in stereo mode each rather than monoblock mode? I think the answer is yes but that cuts the power output in half (that likely doesn't matter, my speakers are 4ohm so that's still 400 watts per channel I believe). Just thinking ahead.
  10. MWSVette
    Not just the knoweldge, but the manufacturing equipment.  
  11. StanD
    I don't think that many people use TOS (coax or optical) these days. For those that do, the Modi 2 Uber remains a viable option.
  12. murrays
    You need to know what the separate impedances are when bi-amping. Just treat the high and low frequency sections as separate speakers and do the maths accordingly.
  13. twwen2
    I second this - not many of us have the luxury of a separate/dedicated 2-channel system, so our 2.0 gear needs to integrate with the A/V side of things. Lack of HT bypass is a massive oversight, particularly as there are already 2 RCA output pairs on these pre-amps. Speaking of which, could one of these be converted to fixed-level output by Schiit before it leaves the factory (e.g. custom order)?
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  14. Turdski
    For yer HT bypass, just set the valium to max. on the Freya, and adjust the front left and front right preamp output levels on your processor or receiver accordingly. I did this for a while with a Ragnarok, and I even lived to tell the tale.
  15. twwen2
    That's a recipe for disaster if you forget that the pre-amp output is on max and switch back to 2.0 listening without checking. That's how drivers break.
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