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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. JoeKickass
    Actually BJT's are faster given the same transistor size, MOSFET's are easier to work with and more efficient.
    But the supporting circuitry is different so what oscillates a MOSFET design just might not oscillate as BJT inherently, no matter the transistor differences.
    Here's some interesting reads on BJT vs MOSFET amps:
  2. bigro
    Most of the Desktop sized amps I have seen are Class D. Audioengine Makes a Class A/B. Many Studio monitors I have run across Use Class D amps Except Mackie. I have a Project Box S Which is Class D for My Centrance Masterclass speakers. Sounds good but it sounded better when I was using an NAD Class A/B that was too big for these tiny little speakers. I was looking at those Nelson Pass DIY Kits but did not see 4 Ohm Specs Which the Centrance Speakers are, so I passed.
    A Jot Sized Desktop power amp would Kick that Project Amp out of the door quick. Although It seems this is somewhat of a Niche Market but Audioengine seems to have built a business around it so what do I know. 
    Awaiting the Freya as patiently as I can. That Chapter on the Vidar was very good read, I enjoy the fact that the products produced is not always a rehashed design from someone else and we get a little insight into the Journey. 
  3. Jason Stoddard
    I actually prototyped a 20W per channel desktop amp a couple of years back, and abandoned it, because it would be probably a $249-299 product. I figured the high cost would make it a no-go.
    If I was to go back to this product, I'd re-do it in the current-feedback architecture. The old design was a conventional Lin-topology, MOSFET-output amp. But I'm not convinced there's enough demand for it. Am I overlooking something?
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  4. Odin412
    That would be a very interesting product! I have high-efficiency Zu Audio speakers so this could well be all the power amp that I would need. If you decide to go forward then I would perhaps suggest that you make it a tube hybrid amp so we could roll tubes and fine-tune the sound.
  5. Letmebefrank
    Right now I use a 50Wpc class d desktop amp thats about the size of a schiit stack. I paid about $80 for it. I would be willing to pay 200-250 for a class ab current-feedback, 15-20Wpc Schiit desktop amp in the footprint of the Jot. Right now I'm using the Micca MB42X and they sound really great, but I might need to upgrade to some Elac UniFi UB5 or similar to get good use of a nice desktop amplifier.
  6. D Smith

    I would definitely be interested in such a product if it wasn't any larger than the Valhalla. 20W per channel would be plenty for my needs in a small room.
  7. valiant66
    I'm currently driving 11-ohm Rogers LS3/5As with a 15 wpc Advent Model 300 as my desktop rig sourced by a Mac to a Modi 2 Uber. The volume control usuallty sits between 9 and 11 am - further then that and it's getting too loud.
    l would love a compact dedicated Class A - A/B amp in the 20 - 25 W range that could be controlled with a SYS or a Magni 2 Uber, especially if it was in the same size case.
    The three compact chassis combined would take up less room than the Advent.
  8. Armaegis
    Nah, make small-ish sized monoblocks with tilt-able top plates that will act as stands for my desktop speakers. Done!
  9. bigro
    The Amp Box S Retails for $249 and Its Class D. Most of the Chinese Class D mini wonders that can drive a speaker without sounding crappy at a semi respectable volume level is around the $100 price range. The N22 is $199 . If a Class A/B From Schiit existed when I bought this, no bigger than the size of the Valhalla at a similar price point, I would have bought it with out batting an eyelash. In my research there are very few small amps that fit on a desk and even fewer ones that are not class D.
    There are some very nice Micro speakers out there that would make great speakers for desktop rig or a small room without the bulk and extra power required for powered Monitors, Like the PSB Mini and Martin Logan Motion 2 and 4's for example. Add a small sub to fill in the low end and its near field bliss. Personally, I Use the Pre Outputs of my Magni 2 Uber in to this Project amp which drives the Centrance Speakers and a splitter off the Magni 2 Uber outputs to a PSB Mini subwoofer. With Very little work My headphone rig was now doing double duty. While not my Main Listening rig it worked perfectly when I needed to lock myself away and get work done without being tethered to my desk. In My opinion a Compact amp capable of driving mini and bookshelf speakers is the perfect bridge between the Schiit personal audio line and the 2 channel line. I would use one to drive My outdoor Speakers and one for The dining room speakers that we plan to use for background music.You get the Idea. Small and Versatile
  10. vonh
    Totally reasonable point. I've got an infrared thermometer I like to use to check in on how hot things are running from time to time, which gives me a pretty good indication if something needs more airflow. Not everyone has one of those though, so it's a good rule of thumb to avoid it when possible.
    I actually looked pretty seriously at building a pair of those amp camp monoblocks myself, but in the end it just wasn't the right solution for me. Did you buy the cases as well?
    That's what I've run into during my search for a desktop amplifier. Same thing with the amps in powered monitors. Right or wrong, I've got a bit of a negative bias towards class D amplifiers.
    $249-299? High cost? When you compare that to even the rest of the Schiit lineup that's pretty affordable in my opinion. It might be high for the individual with a Magni, but that individual is probably also using class D powered active speakers if anything. $250-299 puts it in the same price segment as the Asgard, Jotunheim, Valhalla, and Lyr.  That's just about exactly the price range I would have said I was looking for in my original post but I didn't want to embarrass myself with completely unrealistic numbers. For the customer who will buy one of those amps for his cans, whats the same dollar spent on a small matching amp for their speakers? Look at it like an upgrade. $249 to add a 15W speaker amp to your Valhalla 2 or Lyr 2. 20W is more than enough for the average pair of bookshelf speakers in a home office, the 15W output of the 2215 has never left me wanting.
    For me, and based on the other responses in this thread, maybe you did overlook something. Maybe put a focus group together (ha!).
  11. mkozlows Contributor
    My first "hi-fi" stereo system was a NAD 314 and a pair of bookshelf speakers. That put out 35W (the current successor, the C 316BEE, is rated at 40W) at $400. That's obviously ~2x off from 20W, and I don't know how well those things sell in the modern Class-D/receiver era, but it seems like there'd be a market for a low-power-but-high-quality low-cost stereo system for driving efficient speakers in small spaces.  A $249 power amp that could combine with your $349 preamp would get you to around $600 for a starter system of separates that could be upgraded flexibly in pieces, which seems awfully appealing.
  12. dmckean44

    I no longer have a desk as I had to give up the office when my daughter was born, but in 10 years prior to that period I would have killed for something like a scaled up 25WPC Jotunheim for sub $500. I ended up mounting a wall shelf above my desk and using full sized 2-channel integrated but it looked bad.
  13. aamefford
    I had to ditch a full sized receiver as impractical for my desktop. A nice class A/B amp at $299 would be a nice fit. I'm not sure the market size though. Centrance does their dac amp speaker and headphone amp set up, I'm not sure those are flying off the shelves judging from the sales they sometimes have. Still. I'd like one.
  14. Jason Stoddard
    Lots of interesting input, thanks!
    I'll have to see how this costs out...
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  15. jnak00
    I currently use a NAD D 3020 for my work desktop speakers.  It's Class D, it has Bluetooth, it's an integrated DAC/amp, it ticks a lot of the Schiit-will-never-do-it boxes.  But I like it.  I wouldn't call the NAD cheap at $500, but I think it's good value.  Point being, I think there is definitely a market for a small, reasonably priced, high-performing desktop amp.
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