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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. cycler2
    I would be interested, as well, but the amp design you are considering would have to unconditionally stable into any load so I could drive my Quad ESLs.
  2. ashirin
    I think the desktop amp market is pretty decently big. Lots of people like desktop systems, but don't necessarily want powered monitors.

    As others have pointed out, the Audioengine N22 is probably the amp to beat if you're looking for class AB. The prices Jason mentioned would be about 25% - 50% higher than that, but it could well be worth it for being made in the US and featuring a unique topology.

    I mean, even monoprice has entered this space lol, with 3 desktop class AB hybrid tube amps, so it really can't be THAT small. Granted, those are a bit bigger than what we're talking about, but not by much.

    If what Schiit makes can drive Elac UB5's or Kef Q300's (or other similarly qualified bookshelfs) at deaktop listening volumes, then I rekon lots of people would go that route over powered monitors. I certainly would if I was in the market for a desktop speaker system.

    Oh and if the cost of adding a remote is small, you would have something many if your competitors lack. If this would raise the price higher though then maybe its not worth it. Last thought: if it's build it to accept the same add on modlues as the Joty, then I imagine it could be a real force in the market.
  3. scottbrown5271
    The cases were just too easy. They also doubled the price of the kit.  They are pretty nice and it was nice to get some instant gratification after stuffing and soldering two boards.  I went with the six watts per channel because all the tube amps I looked at were in that power range, and more money as well.  I've done a little REALLY amateur measuring, and my speakers are drawing about 1 watt for a nice SPL near field.  I doubt I would need more with 92db drivers...
  4. 45longcolt

    Baldr's announcement of a new recruit to the Manhattan Project has my curiosity piqued.*
    IIRC, he said it's all digital which I take to mean dealing with digital data. And there's basically two things you can do with data - store it or process it. I count conversion (as in a DAC) as processing. In a way, I'd be disappointed if this is "just" some new DAC. I'm still trying to figure out how to write off my Ygg on my taxes - maybe I can claim it as a medical expense, a tension reducer and blood-pressure-lowering device - so I'm not enthused about shelling out for a new DAC.
    As for storage, that sounds like a server. And I'd be excited to see Schiit's approach to a server, especially if they've come up with a something to replace those crash-prone disc drives. And, yes, I too seem to recall Jason saying no servers, no way no how. But doesn't Jot violate the old no-amp-dac-on-the-same-chassis declaration? Things change.
    Processing could mean anything or everything. From a new take on error correction to Pro-Tools at home. Jason has announced that Schiit isn't supporting MQA. Could that be because they have their own strategy under development? Some techno-magic that would not only restore the original data but improve it? Jeez, man, take pity and toss us a new clue or two.
    *And when it's your curiosity or appetite, it is piqued, not peeked or peaked. A peek at something may pique your curiosity and elevate your anticipation to a peak, so to speak. Nor will you ever have a fit of peke - unless you have an unnatural fondness for lap dogs, in which case please don't share. This PSA (Pedantic Service Announcement) brought to you in the cause of better writing on Head-Fi. We now return to our regularly scheduled diatribe.
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  5. limelake
    This type of amp is exactly up my alley ! The Vidar is overkill for me Jason. Not that I wouldn't buy a Vidar. I likely will, but just one, a smaller monoblock in the 250-300 $ range i would buy two. Absolute truth.
  6. sludgeogre
    As many have said, Audioengine really built a business off of this format, and NAD has had a ton of success with their smaller and affordable amps. I think if Schiit can make this mini desktop amp as a mono or stereo amp, with the incredible advancements in topology they've made, and with the value they are known for, I think they could sell truckloads of them. The new Ascend Acoustics Sierra Luna that's coming out (fantastic development thread here for people that want to read it) would probably be a dream with a pair of them.
    I've owned an Emotiva Mini-X A-100 for a long time and it's a great amp that kinda fits on a desktop, but it's really an awkward form factor as it's just far too long, but it works alright under a small monitor. The Schiit amp would look far more beautiful in a Bifrost sized stack, maybe two amps, and a Saga on top. That's a dream right there.
    If they did this, I would really, really hope they listen to those of us that want a custom rack system for their Schiit. I know it's a really low margin product, and likely a PITA, and not at all what they would want to spend their time making, but the iFi stuff is just so cool. If they could make a stacking system that gave a little more ventilation to the components and really made it look cool, I think people would like it. Especially if you're going to start stacking Schiit 4 boxes high on a desktop. I've been really wrong on this thread before, but hey, just my thoughts.
  7. leafy7382
    What about a hanging rack "UNDER" the desk? 
  8. KoshNaranek

    An amp like the ones being discussed would probably sell well in Europe, Japan and India. The greater New York City area has similar apartment size constraints and exeeds 10 million dwellings.

    What are your headphone amp sales to these areas?
  9. AudioBear
    I have to wonder if the iFi stuff, and Audioengine too, being so cool isn't exactly the problem here.  Both company's amps sound great and the form factor of the iFi amp is pretty easy to live with on a desk. There may not be a market need for another small amp.   Schiit has to have a reasonable return on investment of time and effort, not to mention liability for units with problems before they launch a new low cost amp.  You'd think they might need to be able to sell a lot of them to make it worthwhile. Jason is right to be hesitant until the size of the market is more clear.
    On the other hand Schiit has a big following  and a great track record.  They may be pretty close to the "build it and they will come point."  I know my first reaction to any new product announcement from them is  either "thank goodness I have been waiting so long for that (for example my Gumby)" or "how can I find a use for it."  I am right now debating buying some of the new for 2016 products that I just have no use for.  I wouldn't underestimate the size of the gotta have it market Jason.
    I wonder if Schiit would ever consider a crowd-sourcing or subscription model for a small amp?  Other companies have said "if we can get 1000 of you to put down a deposit, we'll make at least one run of x or y." Is that a possibility Jason?  And if not, what's the problem with that approach?
  10. ahleung
    I am waiting for the vidar and planning to buy four to drive my atc scm40; one for the woofer and one for the mid and tweeter. I suppose there will be only one pair of xlr out on the freya then I hope there will be enough space for two xlr Y plugs. 
  11. KoshNaranek

    Upon further reflection, I will take a bifrost/new amp stack to power better speakers in my kitchen. This system actually gets the most play time in the house. It would be worth replacing the the Audioengine 5s.
  12. artur9
    The interesting thing is her specialty in signal processing with a soupçon of mood something (detection?, enhancement?).
    Or maybe it'll just be a device to re-pitchify everything to the God note (aka 432Hz).  Nirvana/Rapture here we come!
  13. Anavel0
    Maybe I'm the Debbi Downer but at $200-250 I'm not interested in a desktop amp. I'd just use my Valhalla 2 and HD 650.

    $150 I'm interested but I'm betting wattage would be down quite a bit. That means you'd most likely need high efficiency speakers. Which I'm totally into but you know the majority isn't. So you've gone real niche for a niche product. Making the next Loki probably isn't a good idea.
  14. dmckean44

    Loki failed because it was a confusing product. No one could understand it's purpose and why.
  15. Baldr
    Schiit's engine is not built based on any such model.  We are small enough to be flexible for quick prototyping to production times and large enough to be self-supporting as manufacturers.  Since  both Jason and myself are creatures of freedom, we are also less constrained to a crowd-sourced product which may be partially or completely obsolete by the time it has its number of depositors and a go-ahead to build. I know that Jason will agree that crowd-funded projects are built by the under-capitalized or those who lack confidence in their own abilities. 
    Both Schiit and Theta were always self supporting.  A client is a client, a bank is a bank.  A manufacturer who builds good stuff and does not spend more than it makes has no reason to ever confuse a client with a bank.  I seldom chime in on Jason's thread.  This time, I could not resist recording my utter contempt for crowd-funding.
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