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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Derrick Swart
    and i believe, to make it easier for 3toes of fury, that in a CD-player internally the ''communication'' between the transport and the DAC is fully separated and not like S/PDIF all in one signal. I think that is what Schiit Audio is trying to achieve with their USB output; to keep all the different signal output from the actual transport as clean as possible into their external DAC. Of course I am not an expert but that is what I hope to read between the written lines :ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
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  2. Hofy
    A USB transport brings up another question. Since Schiit DACs have only one USB input, will the signal be affected by going through a USB hub?
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  3. 3 toes of fury
    Thanks all for the great feedback, knowledge, and discussion. Much appreciated!

    Now if you'll excuse me, i gotta dig out and start organizing my CD collection....lets see...i'll start with the pile of
    "best of" cds first.....

  4. exdmd
    Unless the transport can transparently address the Unison input on the DAC through a hub I'm hoping Schiit provides the transport with a simple relay activated USB pass through so you can connect your computer USB out to the transport and choose which USB source is sent to the DAC with a front panel switch on the transport.
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  5. NigelJ
    Because the transport is a digital product the development has been led by Mike Moffat "Baldr" and most of the discussion has been in his Head-fi blog https://www.head-fi.org/threads/what-a-long-strange-trip-its-been-robert-hunter.784471/ rather than Jason Stoddard's blog (this thread). Unfortunately Mike has been posting less often recently, due to medical issues making typing difficult; his last mention of the transport was in his post https://www.head-fi.org/threads/wha...n-robert-hunter.784471/page-667#post-14801061 where he talks about the Schiit USB host (output) being developed for the transport.
  6. tincanear
    fyi Bifrost Multibit (1st gen) & Classic Stack Bifrost Multibit / Asgard2 combo now back on the b-stocks/closeout page
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  7. bcowen
    I want to hear this one. I mean if it's not too much trouble or anything. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  8. bobbmd
    I say both having just acquired a Ragnarok 2(just the amp- -and it's one Schiitfull of a headphone amp) and Yggdrasil GS-- never have I heard such clarity separation etc. Have had original magni/modi. a fulla and a delta sigma Gungnir(which was played through an AVR)& still use a ME2 through the amp(no comparison to the Schiit DAC) and to top it off BOTH are in black which of course enhances the listening experience immensely. I know most you guys look down on the headphones I use(Sennheiser RS-195s& HD 598s) but sitting sitting on my (enclosed back porch w/195s and NOT freezing my ass off in upstate CNY) with a cigar and a Lagavulin--Jerry and the boys never sounded so good so clear so... 'separated' listening now to a 65 album/534 tracks of a Tribute to Gregg Allman playlist I made and I am in audiophile heaven--- God Bless Jason and Mike and ALL their Schiit.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  9. Gazny
    Cheers! To me fit is very important when listening, why be uncomfortable? I had to sell my Isine 10's because of the fit and the fear of breaking the stems.
  10. bcowen
    We need a blind listening test between silver and black. And oh yeah...purple.

    I'm going green to see if it sounds better than purple. May have to adjust the cooking time.... :stuck_out_tongue:

  11. bobbmd
    LOL!-does the color of what you are drinking make difference during the comparison? love those threads in that photo-thanks for the 'like'
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  12. bcowen

    Purple tastes better so far, but I haven't tried the green yet. :relaxed:
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  13. tincanear
    @Paladin79 has Finnegan weighed in on taste vs color of the braid? obviously doesn't like "blue flash and popping-sound" flavor :wink:
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  14. A Jedi
    I really hope it's tiny. Barely bigger than a CD. Because then I'd get one for my desk as well. Kill the tray - just a slot, display under the slot. No buttons - just a remote.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  15. CoryGillmore
    Just picked up a Jot combo that came in yesterday. My first piece of Schiit ever. Very happy to be in this Schiitty club!

    Can someone point me to a Jot impressions thread...my searches have been unsuccessful...How else will I know how my new amp sounds until someone tells me??
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