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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Mike-WI
    Ragnarok 1 prior price was $1699
    (current is $1499)
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  2. mp29k
    This is good insight, thanks. I currently use a 8.5-9.5 WPC (depending on the power tube) SET Integrated amp, and my speakers (8 ohm) are incredibly efficient, yet still have high power handling ability (200 watts). Therefore, my attraction to Vidar. The SET sounds sweet and ethereal, and bass really opens up at high volumes (above around 65 dB). I want to try out the polar opposite of high powered Solid State. While I’m sure Aegir will be amazing, I’m ready now, and would like higher power and a bigger difference between my two amps. Now I’m waffling between Eitr + Modi MB + Loki vs. Bimby. Leaning towards Bimby for the upgrade ability, but where can they take it from here? Maybe an upgrade in future to take time synced input from the future transport? A better USB board? A different Multibit architecture? I’m wondering (our loud here) whether they’ve taken Bifrost as far as they can?
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  3. jimmers
    Looks to me like the power comes in between SE in and SE out near the option input cards, there's no wires shown (except for the ones hanging out the front :), variac?) so I don't know how they are routed, but I'm sure Jason would be doing a better job than I could imagine PSU noise-wise.

    P.S. that Jot multi review was originally in the December TAS headphone guide.
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  4. schneller
    Hi @Jason Stoddard & Co.

    Sorry I couldn't make it to NYC.

    A few questions:

    I'm totally tempted to buy a black Yiggy while I can but was under the impression that SchiitUSB was coming out Q1. Why buy now if I can get one with a better USB implementation in a few weeks?

    What is Nexus on the Rag2? It's the name of an Android phone and a really expensive legal search engine to me.

    What kind of DAC module is offered in Rag2? Bimby equivalent? Gumby?

    I read that Sol was in NYC. How close are we on that? Will Schiit debut a new phono amp along with Sol? A new Mani?
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  5. mp29k
    I’m not a big headphone listener, but for the little I do I have a set of HD6XX and a Massdrop Darkvoice. I really like both, and have a bunch of good 6SN7 already in singles, so Saga is an easy choice.
  6. ashirin
    I definitely get where you're coming from. I would still recommend the Vidar/Saga combo over the Ragnarok for most of the reasons I listed before. Then again... I'm definitely biased because I own a Vidar and I love it. I don't think I've ever even heard a Ragnarok with speakers (I have heard it with headphones and it's great), much less the Ragnarok 2.

    As for Bifrost vs Modi/Eitr... I think Mimby offers incredible value, but pairing it with Eitr brings the price too close to Bimby in my opinion, which I think is worth the added cost. Plus, Bifrost is upgradeable... so if you're worried about updates, it won't leave you high and dry when (not if) it happens. I don't think any product is ever really taken as far as it can. I won't speculate much, but we already know for sure that a new USB board is coming with Schiit's proprietary USB implementation (that also means Eitr is basically an end of life product). I have no clue when the new USB will come but if you get a Bimby now, it will probably only cost $100 - $150 to upgrade to the new USB in the future, for instance. Also, lots of other upgrades are possible. Definitely beats having to replace the entire DAC card in a Ragnarok, in my opinion, to get an upgrade.
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  7. Derrick Swart
    Tell it! Tell it!
  8. Ableza
    You know, if Schiit does develop a new phono preamp for Sol, they should name it after a planet since it would orbit Sol...

    OK I've had a couple lunch beers. Sorry.
  9. ashirin
    They could call it the Schiit Uranus. Okay I'll go home now.
  10. ka24altima
    As a transformer designer that sounds like a great idea for a chapter!
  11. earnmyturns
    In my experience, Eitr does not improve over gen 5 USB on Bimby.
  12. earnmyturns
    I've not listened to the latest Bifrost multibit, but certain commenters have spoken highly on how it improved significantly over earlier versions. In addition, when the new Schiit-designed USB receiver arrives, you'll be able to forget about messing around with S/PDIF, digital-to-digital converters, and all that junk that mediocre USB required (gen 5 already reduced the need).
  13. Torq
    The "current" (at least circa about October last year) Bifrost MB sounds very close to the "original" Gungnir MB. At least based on listening to all of those units side-by-side/back-to-back.

    It's a marked improvement over the "original" Bifrost MB and is now an easily discernible step up from the Modi MB ("original" or "current"), which was not the case before.
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  14. winders
    I agree. I am completely blown away at how good the new Bifrost Multibit I just bought sounds.
  15. earnmyturns
    Tempted to get one to compare with the dac1541 in my work system. I liked dac1541 a bit better than the old Bifrost MB overall, but I could do with a bit more of Schiit's multibit low-mid solidity and impact. Maybe I'll wait for the new USB to land, though.
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