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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Torq
    That would be an interesting comparison.

    I suspect the dac1541 will still pull ahead in terms of absolute clarity and resolution, and maybe incisiveness and "blackground" ... but I'd bet it's by a lot smaller margin than it was when I last had them side-by-side. Not bad, given the 2x price delta. The dac1421 is, to be fair, the single-ended-sonic-equivalent of the dac1541 for $900 and perhaps a more relevant comparison to the Bifrost MB. But that still puts both price/value and the "Moffat" bottom-end in favor of the "new" Schiit unit.
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  2. Torq
    I should add that I own neither.

    Schiit were gracious enough to loan me their entire, current, multi-bit line-up, following CanJam @ RMAF 2018, for which an all-up review/comparison will be forthcoming very shortly (I am embarrassingly late in getting that done). I have no specifics on what may have changed, beyond the obvious "Analog 2" update to Yggdrasil and the "USB Gen 5" module for Bifrost, Gungnir and Yggdrasil, but they clearly sound different (and better) to "earlier" models ...

    Multibit DAC Stack (1024).jpg
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  3. Rensek
    Here's the thing, they might have their new USB in products already..... They appear to have gone kind of silent in their upgrade process. Jason alluded somewhere that the Yggy analogue 2 upgrade was painful for them, it was probably an understatement. They like to trumpet new advances and new products, but they aren't as forthcoming on their growing pains. Even a mention of a pain tells me it was very painful for them. They like to point folks towards Slouching Towards Kaizen, even their customer service will do that. This tells me that we are going to see less announcements on soft/minor updates. They will for sure announce new products, but they are constantly improving items, and are not talking about the reasons said items are improved. Some is probably organic, some is probably driven by returns, warranty issues, and other boogie monsters that pop up.

    Ill give myself as an example.

    I bought a b stock in October 2018, I sent it back for warranty repair in late January, for transformer hum. I decided being able to hear hum through the first 20 some clicks on Saga probably wasn't by design. It came back last Thursday, and I unboxed it today. They replaced the transformer, added a "POP Mod", updated firmware, adjusted bias, and adjusted/changed/fixed the grounding. That's alot of changes from a Vidar bought in October 2018. I asked Schiits support if they could provide any details on the changes, but they couldn't, which is fine, and they gave me the link towards Jasons Kaizen post, and said my Vidar was brought up to current production standards.

    Long story longer, they are always trying to improve their products see modi multibit firmware update, 5 boards to 3 boards on rag 1, etc. It just doesn't seem like they are going to announce most tweaks to their products. I wish they would, but I imagine they don't want every Tom, Dick, & Harry pestering them for the latest update.

    At some point a chapter product on improvement and quality control/assurance would be nice. And I don't mean upgrades. I mean boring stuff like grounding, firmware updates, pot changes, assembly routines, etc. An overview of Schiits quality, safety, and self improvement philosophy and process.

    I'm very happy my Vidar has been seemingly squared away (I haven't listened yet), but I am admittedly wondering what their process is on b stock recertification. I bought b stock hoping to get a unit that had been gone over again to avoid transformer warranty issues, as that seems to be the only complaint folks have. Schiit support has been very responsive, and getting the work summary was very cool.

    Maybe try email Schiit support to see if they can advise about the new USB implementation. It's probable/possible we won't see upgrades advertised for months or longer, compared to when they start shipping new. Just read the Yggy A2 press release. Bifrost update rumours have been flowing for months without a peep from Schiit.

    I don't believe any of this is a conspiracy, just a growing company trying balance promises to old clients while improving and growing their company.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  4. wink
    Logically then, a Schitt Mercury would be a very heavey dose of diarrhoea with a liquid sound sound signature....:ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
  5. dieslemat

    Nice bokeh :)
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  6. Derrick Swart
    could somebody from Schiit Audio confirm this improvement, at least technical change?. I am saving for a Gumby but if the Bifrost is closing the gap I might change my mind
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  7. Zojokkeli
    This would be nice to know indeed. I have an old Bifrost Uber I'm planning to upgrade to Multibit at some point, but I'd rather wait for an actual confirmation on changes rather than internet rumours.
    Also, I'd rather have the upgrade done in Europe to save on shipping and taxes, so it would be easier to know which upgrade I'll receive.
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  8. schneller
    Eitr = Gen5 USB. They are essentially the same AFAIK. My guess is that when SchiitUSB comes out, it will also be available in a breakout box as well as an internal upgrade.
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  9. schneller
    It's all a bit confusing and lacks transparency for me. I have a Modi Multibit that's about two years old and it's hard to know where it stands these days.
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  10. CAPT Deadpool

    Thank you for that video. I have a few Queen albums but I don't remember ever hearing that song before, I liked it, why doesn't it get any play on radio (yes I still use my FM radio in my car if I don't have an audiobook queued up or Quboz running via USB) ?

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  11. audio philestine
    Man, that picture alone is enough to make me drool.

    I'll be in my bunk.....
  12. JLoud
    Yes it looks “shiny “. For all the Firefly fans out there, you get the reference.
  13. earnmyturns
    It stands exactly were it stood two years ago, right? In the meanwhile, Schiit continued to tweak their designs, to fix bugs, to apply what they've learned from experience, and because components become unavailable and need to be replaced. That kind of thing happens all the time with other complex products (cars, computers, ...) without model number changes, so I don't understand the surprise. I bought a new early 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, should I be bugging Subaru to tell me if the firmware on one of the several onboard computers, or any of the thousands of parts in it was updated somewhat for in the late 2018 models?

    As for the new USB board, MM has written several times about it here and elsewhere. When it is ready, I'm sure we'll all know.
  14. dieslemat
    I hope the new Ragnarok 2 and Aegir will be offered in Silver and Black
  15. Jason Stoddard
    Hey guys,

    To answer some questions:

    1. About new Modi Multibit firmware: contact Amy@schiit.com and she can help you out. I believe it’s $35 to bring it up to current (which has not changed since February 2018.) This is the only running change on Modi Multibit. Mike (and many others) are of the opinion that it makes no sonic difference.

    2. About Unison USB™ already being out in the wild. No. LOL. Ha. That’s still in beta testing. When it’s released, you’ll know it, because it will have a different VID/PID, as well as a new identification string, and a BIG press release. Also, you may not want it. It will only support Windows 10, MacOS, most popular Linux distros for streamers, iOS, and Android from N and up. It will not have a Windows 7 driver. For this reason, we may roll it out slowly, only on one model to start, or as an option. And there won’t be a Unison Eitr, Eitr is pretty much dead as a product due to slow sales (like Wyrd) and will probably not be made anymore. But YMMV. Always in motion the future and all that, this is 100% guesswork based on our current knowledge. Hell, additional glitches in Phase 2 of the beta test could push Unison out beyond summer for the first product.

    3. About changes to other DACs: read Slouching Towards Kaizen again. Everything gets tweaked, most of the time due to need rather than want. There’s nothing that’s been “upgrade worthy” worth announcing. Remember, an upgrade to a Multibit product means replacing a bunch of expensive parts, so we don’t do it lightly.

    4. About QC, grounding, transparency, etc. I think I’ve done a chapter before on this, and there are Tony’s videos. The short primer is that literally everything is checked on instruments and ears, and anything from Asgard 2 on up gets 1-4 day burn-in and recheck as well. We also have extensive test equipment, including 6 Avermetrics and one APx555, the Avermetrics mainly used for in-line testing. In terms of grounding, when we were made aware of one Jotunheim that appeared not to be grounded, we instituted a 100% test of new, repaired, and refurbished units for this possible defect across the entire line, not just the slide-top chassis. And in terms of transparency, please point me at another audio company that shares more about their process, their ongoing trials, their successes, and their failures.

    Hope this helps a bit,

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
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