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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. madwolfa
    I'm glad we live in the boonies with Google Fiber in it. :)
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  2. Robert Padgett
    You begin to wonder if the "tube mongers" realize that we are a collection of people who really only need to read about a tube, and then we buy them, and listen to them, and are pre-conditioned to believe that if we paid a premium price, it certainly must sound better.
    I broach this subject after my own "bashing" the Sovtek 6H8C that I bought for $12... Yesterday, for variety, and because I was looking through my tubes, all of which are secured in bubble-wrap, I uncovered the Sovtek, and thought---"Okay Bob, let's give this a listen, to reconfirm that this tube sucks..."
    But, it didn't suck. In fact, I forgot I put it in the Vali 2, was listening through the speaker system and my ears were not bleeding, I was not nauseated, nor did I lack the strength to pull that Russian out of the adapter.
    Speakers--yeah, that really doesn't tell the whole story.
    So I go to the headphones, and on low-gain at a moderate listening level (read: like normal listening) and this tube was NOT that bad. It was bright but not Crispy, it was musical, it would be OK.
    I guess I am renegotiating my relationship with the Russians. I like the 6N1P stock tube, I LOVE the 1951 FOTONs, and this Sovtek really does not deserve to be the butt of my ridicule...

    Thank G-d for metal 6J5s to be the new butt-boy of tubes...
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  3. Paladin79
    It is an easy thing to do Graham 6SN7, 6N7G etc. Tubes can depend on your amp and personal tastes and each of us like what we like. I own Sylvania, RCA, Tung Sol etc. but I am always fascinated when a tube can fetch $100 each and be from the 80's, perhaps more people like that tube than don't? Regardless I am happy for the variety, I like choices and trying other tubes can give you that.:)
  4. jimmers
    Sorry you didn't understand my post, can't really elaborate without risking confusing you further :slight_frown:

  5. golfbravobravo
    Curious that you read that as a lack of understanding, however each to his own.

    Ducking autocorrect seems to have translated JAs to Gas.
  6. Trerit
    New output selector button on the rag 2 is amazing. Output selection is the function I use the most so this mean the only thing I found annoying is fixed.
    As for stacking difficulties with the yggy. You could always sell an IKEA style rack designed to fit 1x rag 2 on the bottom shelf and that stacks with more of the same racks if you need It. Flat packed and including a hex key.

    also... thread Is a mess and impossible to follow. its 5 people talking non schiit crap that should have been on another thread. most people reading this thread are probably not users so I'm surprised its allowed to continue. if memory doesn't serve me wrong I think Jason tried stopping it once but those 5 people became all pissy about it so it was allowed to continue. You guys are lucky that Jason is a merciful god(god of this blog)
  7. dieslemat
    Was the gain indicator removed in the Rag 2?
  8. Trerit
    nope. Just added a new button and some output indicators :grinning:
  9. dieslemat

    Ah so the gains are on the right side of the volume knob!
  10. jimmers
    The actual subject of the thread is Jason's book, it is possible to go to the first posts and click on the chapters :)

    Are you referring to
    https://www.head-fi.org/threads/sch...bable-start-up.701900/page-2675#post-14538790 :thinking:
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  11. barondla
    A question for the tech people. I want a wall wart or table top ANALOG power supply. It needs to be US 110 v AC to 9v DC 1 amp or greater. I find many power supplies that say switching. Know those aren't analog. Many just have specs including efficiency input range etc. Is there one spec that signals it is an analog power supply?
  12. jimmers
    A linear power supply will have a single input voltage, e.g. 110V ac (unless it has a switch to also do 220V ac - unlikely) also watt for watt much heavier than a switcher (SMPS) and less efficient.

    weight example, I have here 12V dc 400mA (4.8W) linear weight 270g, and a 12V dc 1A (12W) SMPS weight 58g
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
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  13. Ableza
    As mentioned above, the key word you should look for is "linear" or one described as using a "transformer."
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  14. earnmyturns
    Example: https://www.sbooster.com/botw-pp-eco-9-10v/
    There's cheaper out there, but you'll have to search around.
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  15. Derrick Swart
    I use one of the 1st generation BestOfBothWorlds (much cheaper than current generation) and works fine. Gives me better bass reproduction.
    Also used one when I had a iPod transport, that gave a big difference on the overall sound.
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