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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Lucser
    Entirely true.
    I live in South Korea and if somebody think that this FTC regulation is a bit confusing in interpretation try to read and make sense of a free trade agreement. Once I was considering buying a piece of equipment from USA. I don’t remember if was a speaker or amp but it was big and heavy and accordingly the shipment. The final price being considerable I’ve tried to make some research if it is included in the FTA KOR-USA. I thought that will be relatively time consuming but not such difficult and was needed because if you claim FTA, in principle, you need a certificate of origin for the product and the category code from a product list subject to FTA. How wrong I was! After reading the FTA, annexes, addendums etc I’ve get drown into apparently endless products categorization lists and in the end I couldn’t say what was the correct category or code. Finally I decide that was too much risk becauste the custom fee if was applied was unbearable.
    Later on I’ve ordered a the Cavalli Liquid carbon amp from the 2nd batch. In addition to tha amp it was included also an Audioquest power cord and a nice promotional T-shirt with Cavalli logo. I was still uncertain about the product code but the risk of custom fees was smaller and I was optimist as I had already some orders from overseas that passed custom clearance without problems. This time was not the case so I’ve received a customs declarationform to fill. I did it and declared the product as FTA. Later on I've received a call phone from the customs that is a problem to be clarified with the origin of the product. Not speaking Korean I asked a friend to help and after a long confusing three party conversation where I was sure that the Amp is of USA origin it ends up in the fact that the customs agent accepted that the amp and the power cord were of US origin but the T-shirt was labeled MADE IN THAILAND . In the end I’ve paid a small fee and everyting was fine. I must say that the customs procedures here in Korea are, at least in my experience, reasonable and even if bureaucratic, the agents try to help as much as possible and not asking unreasonable proofs when something is to be clarified.
    Others than that, what is labeled on the product doesn’t matter for me too much and in case of companies as Schiit that are over transparent about their product engineering and manufacturing nothing more could be asked from us as customers.
    We also must keep in mind that no matter how good or clear is a regulation there will be a number of companies (maybe small number) that will abuse it. In the end this is as with any law or regulation, the majority of participants must go through this burdain due to the smaller numer of abusers.
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  2. ScubaMan2017
    How are my fellow Lake Huronians digging out of Saturday’s snow-sqall? I got our 4WD stuck twice: once I learned how to shovel out a stuck Tacoma; the second time, I learned how to meet my neighbours... and have their truck, pull my truck out of a ditch.

    I was able to return the favour shorly after... when my neighbour got stuck in a snow bank. :flag_ca:
  3. ScubaMan2017
    ...{edit, image from the next morning; more squalls coming in Sunday; fellow Huronians, be careful out out there)...
  4. ScottFree
    Like this?
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  5. US Blues
    Thanks, that was a great flashback!
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  6. wink
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  7. wink
    [​IMG]...WHERE'S MY [REDACTED}...?
  8. Robert Padgett
  9. dieslemat
    Im not sure if any post that refers to any kind of drigs is allowed here
  10. Robert Padgett
    Thank goodness, those Drigs will mess with you.

    Sorry if offended anyone, it was just a cat picture similar the the previous post.
    And I hope that cat is OK...
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  11. dieslemat

    “Maintaining forum decorum also means that certain behaviours, such as trolling, thread crapping, and being openly critical of our staff and policies, have no place on our site. The same applies to content that is unacceptable such as politics, religion, racial discussion, pornography, spamming, illegal drug use and so forth.

    Please keep in mind that you are responsible for everything that you post, and it is important that you think carefully before clicking on the reply button”
  12. Robert Padgett
    Understood. I hope the cat received medical treatment...:crying_cat_face: Seriously, it is not like anyone is advocating the use of drugs, or telling a drug-laced war story. But, if you are a strict constructionist, I suppose the humor of the picture is lost. I feel the same way about the names chosen by Bottlehead for their line of OTL HP amps, which glorify a substance that has had an impact on many peoples lives, and under Federal guidelines for sentences, affected certain group of people unfairly. But that is no more Germain to this group that the other prohibited topics. Is there also a guideline on the relevance of cat pictures in general, or just ones from Hunter S. Thompson's house?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  13. US Blues
    It's an amazing audio upgrade, though, what that cat is using.
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  14. Otheronek
    Been there done that...
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  15. Miguel Barone
    I recently posted opinion about technical information and also some tips about analog systems .... and i receive some complains. Then i think about it and prefer to only post about schiit and if i need some help about it.

    But i already see the new posts (also from people that sended advices to me) ... and i check historic posts ... and now i think that all was a joke, right? Or you guys are crazy?

    Mmmm ... Maybe i must go out from this thread, too much complicated for me.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019

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