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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. ScOgLiO
    I think the famous Darko interview actually gives a couple hints about the schiitload of new products Jason (kind of) announced.
    If I were to bet a few cents, I'd say the new USB interface enters the list, given Mike considers it really groundbraking. Also, the "schiitPi" is another thingy that might be entering a bunch of pre-existing products and open new possibilities.

    If I got Jason's point, it won't "simply" be 11 (or whatever number) new products, period, but rather introducing new potential for existing ones, as well.
    The two I mention above seem pretty big, to me.

    Definitely looking forward to a new year!
  2. JEspina456
    Someone mentioned Freya 2. Is it true?
    For me and you? Sorry.
  3. Robert Wortman
    Schiit has been in business for 8 years and now a turntable. Yes, I guess he is just getting around to it. I doubt if they would be bothering if it there wasn't a lot of current interest in turntables. If you don't want to call it jumping on the bandwagon, OK, but it's not like they are trying to create a new market. I know that it is designed for function, not looks. I am just stating my opinion that I think that will make it a hard sell. People like to show off their audio gear to their friends. That thing doesn't have a lot of show it off potential. I hope it sells like lemonade in July, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't.
  4. HumanFly
    Do you have a name or a link for me? Could be fun.
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  5. Yethal
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  6. Robert Wortman
    The first home USB DAC I have used was a Modi Multibit. I don't think it sounds bad. Prior to that and still in use is a Focusrite 2I2 running my desktop monitors. That sounds good too. Previously I had a Squeezebox Touch connected via SPDIF to a Cambridge DacMagic. Maybe I am deaf. I always thought streaming sounded as good or better than playing a CD into the same DAC and I haven't heard bad USB. On the weekends I run a Soundcraft Si Impact sound board that has 32 channels of bidirectional I/O via USB. My multichannel recordings sound good and so does playback. If 32 channels work, 2 shouldn't be a problem.
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  7. Derrick Swart
    Not my words on usb, i never used usb in my main setup so can’t really comment on SQ (my fulla2 sounds really fine from ipad/phone or work laptop) but Mike always said that usb sucks until recent developments. What i was trying to say is that they don’t mind to change their mind if there is a good argument. Transport(er) can be done in several ways
  8. Derrick Swart
    Did you guys see The Link from Stack Audio? They are also doing something with usb.
  9. Oveja Negra
    As you say, the SchiitPi will be more like an internal upgrade, not a new standalone product, i.e. for us (users) it will not be accessible. As far as I can "deduce", its purpose will be to replace or help with all the internal processing duties that several (maybe all?) Schiit products need.

    In that regard, it's not my intention to downplay its importance, but I don't know if that qualifies to count it as a new product per se. To me, it's almost like if tomorrow Schiit decides to change the four (?) chips that act as the core of Yggdrasil, and they replace them for new ones that are cheaper/easier to program/whatever, while at the same time retaining Yggdrasil sound signature. I don't think they would be selling it as a new product with a new name.

    All of above if Jason/Mike didn't change their minds, of course.
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  10. 33na3rd
    I can see where some folks might be put off by the looks, but where else are you going to find a turntable with an inverted bearing, sporting a 12 inch medium mass swappable unipivot arm for less than 1K?
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  11. Robert Wortman
    Nowhere. But you have to find a bunch of people that want that and don't care if it looks like they built it themselves. I don't have any experience with long tonearms but I suspect that the difference in tracking angle error wouldn't be audible to me. Interchangeable headshells have been around for a while and are probably more convenient than easy swap armwands and are less expensive. If I wanted to swap cartridges all the time I would probably put a Jelco arm on my Scout and buy a half dozen headshells. I am not saying there is no market for a cheap, ugly turntable with good to great performance. I just have my doubts as to the size of it.
  12. winders
    I am not a turntable person and even I think that Schiit coming out with Sol is going to epic. I have no plans to get back into vinyl as I am fully invested in digital (mostly via CDs). But I think it is great that Sol is coming. It will be a great product at a great price.

    Schiit will never do a streamer......
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  13. Robert Wortman
    It is interesting to me that it is people that don't want one telling me how big Sol is going to be.
  14. 33na3rd
    Show me a Scout with a Jelco on it, please.
  15. TheNidz
    Talk of new stuff coming further down the pipeline is always intriguing.
    I'm really excited to listen to the Aegir though.
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