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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. flargosa
    Maybe speakers to go with their amps.
  2. jimmers
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  3. earnmyturns
    They've been pretty explicit that they are out of anything that has user-accessible software. No way to create a streamer that does not require some software configuration. Even the simplest such gadget (I've run the gamut) encounters a multitude of networking challenges. Schiit's model is you plug in the correct wires/tubes, you press the right buttons, it does its thing without further hassle. That's the only way they can keep their prices where they are. One reason that good streamers are so expensive is that there are so many ways for them to interact weirdly with the typical home network to require a lot of support -- or acquire a horrible reputation. Just check the Roon forums to see what I mean.
    I'm fine with messing around with software, it's what I've done all my career, but I think Schiit are wise to stay away from this mess.
  4. Alcophone
    One could be Mike's digital preamp, with integration for digital processors like the Gadget. I have not seen a DDC/reclocker with a remote so far, though I could have looked harder. I'm clamoring for this one.

    The CD transport has been mentioned already.

    Would a Ragnarok with a remote and a DAC module constitute a new category?

    Others that occurred to me but that would surprise me more:
    • Collaborations with other companies - I've been pitching a Massdrop / Schiit built portable Multibit DAC/amp, with Massdrop taking care of the hassle with the batteries
    • Power conditioners - does not seem to be something Schiit is too concerned with beyond mentioning isolation transformers, but that market could use some disruption
    • Wireless audio transmitters - e.g. lossless digital or theoretically even analog
    • Replaceble opamps - e.g. introducing products that can be tuned this way, or introducing their own discrete opamps
    • Electrostatic headphone amp - I know, we've heard that before as well
    • Crossovers - called too niche in the past, I believe
    • Subwoofer amps - also too niche, I'm assuming
    • Cables - the current selection is obviously built by Straightwire and too limited to allow ordering everything for a system directly from Schiit
    I look forward to seeing you take that on eventually, though. I was intrigued with the Wyred 4 Sound room at RMAF. Still waiting for details on their new Aura line.
  5. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Maybe another trajectory for upgrade from A to A2?
    One can do by oneself?
    That miracle would be well appreciated.
  6. scclimber
    Saving my pennies for SOL, super-mani, and freya2.
  7. dieslemat
    Freya 2 announced?
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  8. adydula
    Hmmm....a Schitt AIO.....

    Great CD Transport, Mikes best interface to a great internal dac and amp...shaped like a "Cube"..ie " The Ultimate Schitt Cube"...
    For headphones and outs for 2 ch stuff..

    Price around $699 --- $799 ???

  9. U-3C
    Random comment: I think there's a typo on your site?

  10. JohnnyCanuck
    I'd like some of whatever you're smoking

  11. Negakinu
    I want a Schiit DAP! Call it The Schiit Player, and have it sound halfway decent, and you'll find me throwing suitcases full of dollar bills at your office windows. :p
  12. RCBinTN
  13. musicheaven
    I don't think we need another turntable product, there are already just too many on the market and to be honest I have been out of the vinyl world decades ago and not planning to go back anytime soon. Sorry to say but digital is way better and in line with the future. I am hopping you guys can come up with your own streamer, yeah I know many of those either but none at a reasonable price that has enough features and are top quality, I think you guys can do it.
  14. Ableza
    @Jason Stoddard
    You don't need me to tell you this but I will anyway. We have both seen what happens to small, innovative, "personal" companies when they get too large too quickly, or when they put unnatural time pressure on themselves to satisfy the demands of a "customer base" or some self-imposed product release schedule. I really hope Schiit stays small and nimble and fun and an outlet for your and Mike's (and Dave and the good doctors)'s creativity and ideas. Don't become Outlaw, or Emotiva, or any number of small, interesting companies who grew so fast they lost their personality. And don't become Adire, who tried to grow and got destroyed by the effort. Do what you do, do it at your pace, get it right, have fun, and oh yea make lots of money. Be the Pet Shop Boys: you and Mike will have to decide between yourselves who has the brains and who has the looks. :)
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  15. Yethal
    We really should start placing bets on what new products will be.
    It wasn't a *definitive no* on the battery powered product so it *might* be a battery powered dac/amp.
    Streamer is definitely a no unless Jason finally decides to release a Magni-shaped RaspberryPi enclosure for people running Rune/Volumio (I'd buy that)
    Jason said multiple times that they won't make anything with a transducer because they don't know enough about transducers so I guess they'd have to hire a transducer expert for that to change.
    A Bifrost-sized low power speaker amp for people running bookshelves would be neat although I remember Jason rejecting this idea before.

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