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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. OldRoadToad
    Will do! As he likely has me on some sort of "ignore", he has just missed out on pure humor with style. "Saaaaaaaaaaaafe spaaaaaace"...Back to the topic. Schiit.

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  2. MWSVette
    I must say the ignore button works better on this system than it did on the old. Looks like I may need to put it to use.

    Never have been a fan of people who try to regularly stir up Schiit...
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2017
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  3. LarryMagoo
    Have you heard her new album??? HD Tracks has a good price on a 192KHz version....I know people supposedly tire of her for equipment demo's....but her new albums has vocals that are flat startling!!!! Seen her in concert multiple times and she puts on a great show whether she's with her three band mates or with a full orchestra!
  4. MWSVette
    Her albums are consistently well produced and engineered. Never seen her live but I would like too.

    Plus she's kinda hot...
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  5. OldRoadToad
    I just purchased her album "Turn Up The Quiet" on vinyl (not because it "sounds" better, but because I wanted it on vinyl). If that is the one you are referring to, then yup. I like her singing. I like her playing. I enjoy people with talent, all the more so because I have none but I know it when I hear it.

    As for the gentleman that is about to use "ignore" I would ask this - Why not just NOT read what gives you "grief". Nothing said here harms me in any way, shape or form. Why? I am an adult. I have a sense of humor and I do not need a safe space. Not saying you need one but using "ignore" sounds like the beginning.

    Do what pleases you and if you are fortunate, you will be happier.

  6. OldRoadToad

    I agree. Beautiful and talented. Two things I will never be "accused" of. Even if I showed up at slefty's room with a toy piano wearing a skirt and wig.:ksc75smile:

    Gad! The thought of actually doing that makes me want to hurl, LOL!

  7. StanD
    Hurl? I'll have to ignore that (without the button).
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  8. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Be aware we are waiting for 3 items now.
    1. Vidar
    2. Eitr
    3. MP/The Gadget.
  9. Pandahead
    A year or two ago my wife and I were fortunate to finally get tickets to see her at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Clearwater, a small venue we really like that was a movie theater from 1920's, and only because she did two shows on consecutive nights. We were able to get two separate single tickets, she sells out fast! Some artists in spite of their talent just don't have a knack for clever banter with the audience, she has both in spades. We won't miss her again if we can help it, she had the full band, it was the Wallflower tour. Playing piano in a hockey bar as a kid, etc. go Canada, fun stuff. ORT would most definitely be entertained:beerchug:
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  10. FrivolsListener
    This. He's said it more than once, that because of the nature of cartridge wiring, there's no point to it.
  11. FrivolsListener
    When they get enough bad metal to get them anodized.

    You can get schiit in any color you want, as long as it's silver. Anything else is a rare exception.
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  12. pctazhp
    It worked for Henry Ford :o2smile:
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  13. MWSVette
    Actually he stated the reason was he fell down the DSD rabbit hole once with the Loki and then watched it take 2 years to sell out the first run...
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  14. Jason Stoddard
    Some news, in the absence of a new chapter (I'll try to do this every week, with chapters every other week):

    1. We finally have everything we need to begin Vidar chassis assembly. Good news!
    2. We will supposedly have Vidar first articles next week from the PCB assembly house. Homework for you: find the key word in this sentence. Hint: it starts with an "s".
    3. We actually have a ton of stuff in the pipeline, including, yes, stuff we haven't talked about, but when it ships depends on many factors. However, expect a busy summer and fall.

    And, a happy report from another sourcing expedition.

    If you've read the last chapter, you know about the abject failure of several US manufacturers to give enough of a Schiit about a little inductor, and the subsequent quoting and ordering of the product from China. Fortunately, that's not always the case.

    I thought we were heading for another case of "oh crap, contact China" a couple of weeks ago when we had been sitting for 3 weeks waiting for a quote for a new deep-drawn/machined piece from a supplier we're currently working with in the USA. The capper was that they couldn't supply samples, of any kind, not even something for us to cut to fit for testing. Since this part is a critical piece of another unmentioned/maybe-might-happen/maybe-might-not-happen product, it's kind of hard to figure out if we want to do it if we (a) don't know the price, and (b) don't have anything to test with. The alternative was to literally billet machine a prototype, but that would be costly and not representative of the final product.

    Why wouldn't a current supplier want to work with us? I don't know. Probably simply because we're not a big customer, and also probably since they have a lock-up on "top of mind" for their industry.

    But, in any case, it was time to see if anyone was hungrier. I did the usual dance--sending a drawing out for quote amongst this company's competitors. Competitors in the USA were thin on the ground, but I was able to identify three possible alternate suppliers. I let them know that the drawing was provisional, and that we could use a slightly different size of can if they had something close (the same thing we'd told our current supplier.)

    One responded with a quote for custom tooling, which is fine, but it didn't get us any closer to having something we could use for the prototype--buying $5K in tooling and getting 10,000 pcs is not exactly the most efficient way to get the 1-2 pieces you need.

    One didn't respond.

    And one said, "Yep, we have something like that, we already make tons of them, we could cut it down for your app, and if you wanted a couple of unfinished samples, we could send them right out."

    Holy schiit. Someone who actually read the email.

    Of course, samples are not a quote, and the quote could be astronomical. But that was another matter. First, the samples. I gave them our FedEx number, and I had two samples in a few days. And they were perfect. They fit the need, they could easily be cut down for a prototype, and our problem was solved. By the way, you may soon be seeing this prototype in public--it's a significant enough departure for us that we figured it may be, like, intelligent to show it to you before we commit to some (very expensive) tooling. More on this later.

    So, I told them that the samples were perfect, and please quote us on finished and unfinished pieces. (Finished means, "cut to length, with some holes in it, powder-coated, and screened," whereas Unfinished was simply cut to length.

    They came back in a few days...at eminently fair pricing. We'll be working with these guys.

    To the other US manufacturers: this is how you do it.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  15. OldRoadToad
    Well done, Sir Jason of Stoddard. Huzzah!


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