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Schiit Fulla 2 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by xero1, Dec 7, 2016.
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  1. Selbi

    If I'm just going to buy the Fulla for the DAC I might as well stick to the line-out of my Fiio E10K, which is otherwise just as portable.

    Though that thought gives me the idea to just get the Magni 2 and indeed hook it up to my Fiio... In fact, that way I don't have to toss away my Fiio into the drawer and save money at the same time.

    Dammit bro, having my cake and eating it too, twice. :D
  2. earache Contributor
    Received my Fulla 2 a couple of days ago. I got it for my office setup to use with an iPad. Picked up the USB 3.0 adapter which allows me to play and charge at the same time. Hooked it all up and the setup works beautifully. Driving a pair of 400i's and it sounds fantastic. So much so that I'm ordering another one just to keep in the den. Very happy with this Schitt!
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  3. slex
    Same, liking the USB adaptor from apple.
  4. NemoReborn
    I received my fulla2 yesterday ! 2 day shipping it was blazing fast !!!

    So far. The sound is incredible! Maybe not vs the high end equipment but vs my laptop's dac , its insanely good !

    The device is heavier than i thought but do not feel as premium than i thought it would be ( compared to online picture ).

    The micro Usb socket are misaligned and the usb wire is really hard to connect and remove. Makes me question myself about how long either the socket or wire will last.

    But well for 100$ device , the sound really improved and i dont use my headphone on it yet ( still being shipped ) even my poor IEM apple esrbud sound really good compared to when i was using the 3.5 mm socket on my laptop

    If u question yourself if u should get this device , so far i would say go for it.

    Ill come back to share my oppinion back once i try it with my dt990 pro 250ohm
  5. NemoReborn

    I did many A/B listening and i didnt find it killing the bass at all.makes them be way lessfloppy and less boomy but that a good thing imo . There is also a option on the schiit into windows u can click called bassboost. It make the high less crisp and make the sound alot more warmer.

    And also , yes different amp have different sound signature. But i dont think it would change the way your headphone sound " that much ". Changing headphone have a way bigger impact than changing your amp.
  6. NemoReborn
    When i am listening mu fulla2 on my laptop via Usb , should i have my laptop's gain maxed out ??? Or it dsnt mather at all !?
  7. Venture Guy
    A number of people, including myself, have had alignment problems with the USB connectors. The DIY solution is to loosen the screws on the bottom, plug into the micro USB port  and jiggle to realign the connector. Tighten things up and you are good to go.
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  8. Hofy
    Mine just came today. It was not suppose to be delivered until the 27th. It is a Christmas miracle!
  9. XERO1
    Yes.  By having the PC's digital volume control set to 100, you maximize the DAC's dynamic range and minimize its noise floor.
  10. lixoke
    I just got mine and the ports on the back for the usb connector are crazy tight when seating the connector. It feels like the cutouts to show the ports aren't cut big enough.
    Also, how do I use this thing? It didn't even come with a manual, so I have no idea how to use it. I tried connecting the usb to the little power plug and the little square, but nothing happens on my PC. My PC doesn't even detect it.
    Edit: NM, restart got it detected. Sounds very nice! [​IMG]
  11. MisterEwing
    I received my Fulla 2 yesterday, and have been putting it through it's paces both last night and this morning.
    I tested the Fulla 2 with both my MacBook Air and Windows 10 PC, both connected easily and neither required the addition of a secondary power supply. I also hooked up a pair of Kanto YU3s via the line out and had zero issues. I prefer line out to the YU3s since they have a remote for volume control, but I also verified that the pre-out works as expected.
    For comparison purposes I used three different headphones: Sennheiser HD598Cs, Philips Fidelio X2 and Sennheiser HD 650, and directly a/b'd the Fulla with an SMSL 793II, using Tidal Hifi. 
    With the X2s and the 598Cs, I much prefered the sound of the Fulla 2. It's not night and day, but the bass response seemed more controlled (especiall with the X2s) and treble was generally smoother. I really, really like the way the 598Cs sound with the Fulla 2... it might become my go to mobile setup moving forward.
    The HD650s were a bit of a different story. Now, before everyone says, the Fulla 2 isn't meant to power the 300 ohm HD650s, I specifically asked Schiit and they assured me the pairing would work out well. While, I don't disagree, the HD650s sound just fine with the Fulla 2, and do get extremely loud, the HD650s definitely do benefit from more power. I've noticed a slight reduction in tightness of bass, and overall expansiveness of HD650s compared to powering them with an Aune X1s. What's most interesting, is, at least to my ears, the Fulla 2 and the SMSL SD793 sound nearly identical with the 650s. It may have been the tracks I selected, but the 'noticeable' improvement I heard in the X2s and the 598Cs switching from the 793 to the Fulla 2, were missing with the HD650s.
    Having said all of that I'm definitely keeping the Fulla 2. I might add an Magni 2 at some point, but honestly, although I know I can get more out of my 650s with better amplification, I'm extremely happy with the Fulla 2, especially at the $99 price point.
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  12. Graygeek
    After a couple of days with my new FULLA 2, I have to say that I'm delighted with it.  I have had no trouble with hardware connections to my LG G4 phone, my Windows desktop, or my Toshiba Chromebook.  The unit make the most noticeable difference vs the Realtek ALC889 DAC in my Desktop PC, and with the unknown DAC chip in my Chromebook.  All three devices are able to supply the power to the FULLA 2.  I love having a smooth and precise volume control at my fingertips.  The FULLA drives both my Focal Listen and my old Bose AE2 phones just fine.  The amp brings out the best in the FOCAL headphones, which provide wonderful clarity in the mids and a smooth textured bass that benefits from the extra power.  
    That said, I'm still working out media players with embedded equalizer capabilities because on the PC and phone, using separate DSP apps as I was doesn't work with a USB connected DAC.  The DSP (if any) has to happen within the player software itself.  I plan to try USB Audio Player Pro with the EQ plugin on my Android phone.  For the PC, I use Media Monkey and I read that there is a plugin called Jammix that provides EQ / DSP functionality.  But it's Christmas Eve and time to celebrate, so I'll have to wait to sort that all out.  
    The FULLA 2 is a versatile and very portable little DAC/AMP.  I'm very happy to have it.  
    p.s. I too have very tight USB connections on the unit.  I've left a short micro USB to USB A pigtail plugged into it so I can move it to different devices without exercising / stressing the little USB port on the back of the FULLA. 
  13. ld100
    Anyone can compare it with Grace M9XX? I know there is a 5 times price difference, but form factor kind of puts them in the same territory. While I do like Fulla 2 the bass leaves a lot to be desired for me comparing even to Dragonfly...
  14. slex
    Yes i can, maybe next coming new year. This F2 looks promising for portability. Just strap a compatible phone together and ready to go.

    It should compare to mojo too.
  15. mottomotto
    I tried HD600 with Fulla 2 and with Titanium HD/Magni 2.
    I can hear noticeable drop in bass volume, and general decrease in "richness" of sound with Fulla 2. I suspect the amp is too weak for HD600.
    That said, I paired Fulla 2 with HD598SE for office setup, and they work very well together.
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