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Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by starence, Aug 29, 2019.
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  1. kwatch
    How do you get $100 back? Did you pay $699 and received $100 rebate from Schiit?
  2. bigbenrfan99
    Yes. When I purchased the Bifrost 2, I put a note in the order including my previous order number for a Bifrost multibit upgrade. I paid the $700 + tax and shipping. Schiit sent me a $100 refund when the Bifrost 2 shipped.
  3. Maishar
    I just purchased the Bifrost 2, but couldn't find any USB-C to USB-B cable in the site.
    @Jason Stoddard, IMHO you should add a USB-C PYST cable. 2018+ MacBooks (and probably other brands) have only USB-C ports...

    Any recommendation for a good PYST-level/price cable?
  4. Alcophone
    The Anker OTG adapter cable always worked well for me: https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Adapter-Converts-Technology-Compatible/dp/B01COOQIKU/
    If you want something more "audiophile", iFi and Audioquest have you covered:

    There are also cable-less adapters (including from Audioquest), but they seem risky to me, coming out of a mobile device.

    If you want a straight USB-C to B cable without an adapter, I have used this in the past: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Printer-USB-C-Black/dp/B00VKSF39O/ref=mp_s_a_1_6. Feels flimsy, though.

    Amazon lists some other companies making USB-C to B cables. I see UGREEN also makes cables like that, but I'd avoid that company like the plague. Had three products from them and they all sucked.

    Audioquest has a range of USB-C to B cables: https://www.audioquest.com/cables/digital-cables/usb-b-to-c. The cheapest one starts at $40: https://www.amazon.com/AudioQuest-Forest-USB-Cable-0-75m/dp/B07KRP2NX1/. Too bad it's an ugly green. :-D
    Moon Audio offers their Blue Dragon and Silver dragon in a USB-C to B version, but those start at $85.
    Wireworld makes USC-C to C cables, but no USB-C to B for whatever reason.
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  5. Smasher
    Is bifrost 2 a definite upgrade over modi multibit A2?
  6. tafens
    I’d say yes, to my ears it is a definite upgrade over the multibit card, which is basically the same dac as Modi multibit. I don’t know what you mean by A2 though? Modi multibit hasn’t had any upgrades to it that I know of, except a firmware update.
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  7. Smasher
    Yeah I was referring to the firmware update. I am actually planning on getting a desktop amp dac stack for driving IEMs only. Since it won't require much power, I was wondering whether to allocate majority of my budget for a DAC like Bifrost 2 or an AMP like Lyr 3/ Asgard 3 with the newer modi multibit?
  8. CasualListener8
    My Modi Multibit is the revised firmware version (bought mid-2019). I posted some brief comments earlier, but IMHO to my ears the Bifrost 2 is not a definite upgrade in every sense. It does some things better and some things worse. On a first listening session the BF2 sounded a lot better, but after I swapped back and forth I kind of got a sense that some of the characteristics that seem so impressive at first blush are added color. The best way I can describe it is it’s a bit like having an EL84 tube amp in the DAC somewhere. If this is the sound you want, you’ll love the BF2. If not, you might find the MM is more to your liking.
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  9. tafens
    I’m not familiar with the EL84, could you please try to describe the nature of the coloration in other words?
  10. tafens
    I’m not familiar with IEMs, I use the HD6XX as my daily driver which is anything but. So I can’t really say about IEMs, but with HD6XX and my ears though, the Lyr3+Bifrost2 combo is a great one, definitely better than the smaller and lower priced Modi multibit+Magni3 combo, and also better than the Lyr3+multibit card.

    But getting back to IEMs, I have read that both the Asgard3 and Lyr3 can handle them (as can Magni3), but as said I have no personal experience. However, IEMs are easier to drive than HD6XX and similar, I’d venture a guess that putting more money towards a dac is more important than an amp with tons of power.
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  11. Smasher
    Thank you, I am leaning toward the Bifrost 2 and Asgard 3 combo now. Time to wait for some more impressions. :)
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  12. CasualListener8
    It adds a layer of punch/dynamism but also roundedness/artificial richness, particularly to instruments in acoustic recordings (especially classical solo). At first blush it's an impressive effect, but the problem for me is that the BF2 also tends to make quiet, contemplative recordings sound artificially pumped up/over-energetic/unreal, which obscures the performance itself in a sense. To my ear, the BF2 also has more "greyness" between notes in music with complicated passages, like it's having more trouble sorting things out. This latter point is also somewhat audible when listening to movies -- there are times when I find it's harder to understand dialogue in movies with the BF2 in comparison to the MM. My wife noticed this too.

    I love the MM a lot because I feel it does almost everything better than most other DACs I've heard, except for a few minor quibbles (low-level detail could be better, bass is just a little loose, and the top end is not quite as pristine as you'd get from an average delta-sigma DAC but there is a better sense of realism). The BF2 is quite a different sounding beast to my ear. I can see why some people would absolutely dig the way it sounds, but to me I just found myself gravitating back to the MM every time I'd swap it back in. (The BF2 did make me more curious about one day getting the Yggdrasil though; hopefully that will be an across-the-board, no drawbacks upgrade.)
  13. purehifi192
    Does the new Bifrost 2 have 17.5 bits of resolution? I can't find anything about it on this forum or on the website other than the FAQ stating it's a sub 18 bit DAC. @Baldr?
  14. Jason Stoddard
    See the extensive APx555 test results on our site, in the Specifications tab, showing the Bifrost 2 clearly resolving even a -144dB sine--that's 24 bits. There's also a linearity plot.
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  15. purehifi192
    Thank you @Jason Stoddard

    I'm not hyper focused on the bits of some theoretical unlistenable 24 or 32 bits of resolution. Simply trying to better understand, with the chip upgrade, how the bits of resolution stacks to the rest of the Schiit DAC lineup.

    Yggdrasil is 21 bits per the description page
    Gungir MB is 19 bits per description page
    Bifrost 2 is ?
    Modi MB I believe is 16 bits
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