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Samsung Galaxy Note.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by j.pocalypse, Nov 1, 2011.
  1. J.Pocalypse
  2. SLaRe
    Hope it doesn't sound as terrible as the S2 and the battery life is better, because with that screen I think it will drain faster than the battery of the S2.
    Anyway, if you like it, enjoy it.
  3. elfary
    Supercurio has confirmed that the Galaxy Note shares the (now infamous) Yamaha codec that is built in the Galaxy S II.
    Thus things are looking grim as for sound quality goes which is a shame because i had set my crosshairs in this smartphone.
    Anyway objective and subjective impressions would be welcome.
  4. SLaRe
    I can't understand why Samsung keeps using that utterly crappy Yammie codec in the new smartphones, which is confirmed to be a real p.i.t.a. regarding sound quality.
  5. nikp


    Because they're bound by a contract?
  6. Mochan
    Because they don't cater to the Audiophile market and couldn't care less about it. Most of their customers have no issues with the sound. As long as it plays it's all good.
  7. elfary
    The truth here is that the only smartphone that nails it down for music, sound and connectivity (Line out, digital out & A2DP mp3/aac enabled) is the iPhone.
    That's what keeps me holding back from switching to a bigger screen smartphone (HTC Titan, Galaxy Note). I know i would miss the delightful sound and ubiquity of my iPhone.
  8. nikp
    The funny thing is.. I never use my phone for music/games. It's strictly for phone calls, text messages and browsing.
    I wish there is a manufacturer that makes a smartphone that: works fast (dual core), no cameras, super fast internet browsing (4G), simple touch screen UI, outstanding battery life, flashlight, gps, secure encryption, huge capacity. 
  9. SLaRe


    I think that some japanese cell phones are just like that. The pity is that they never come to the european market.
  10. eugenius
    I'm curious, they have USB HOST written in caps on their site, does this device have 500mA of power on the USB port, so I can use my DACport with it? My galaxy s1 sounds quite nice on it's own, but it's no DACport ... :)
  11. Szadzik
    Dac on usb wil be used when note gets the update to ics. External power will be needed though for itnto work. A dual usb cable connected to note for data and a power source for power.
  12. nipit
    I could hardly call this device a phone... :)
  13. Szadzik
    Becausr this is not a phone per se. It is a PDA. I used to use them back in tbe day and thry were great. Now that I use a smartphone, I do not need a PDA, but might think about Note 2 in a year or so.
  14. eugenius

    Thanks for the good intentions. :D
  15. mukumi


    They are called "Nokia" but they don't have dual core... But my C7 has offline GPS, Microsdslot + 8gb onboard, in Belgium we just have 3G so i don't care, battery life is (36h20 music, 5h30 gps, 5h00 camera, 5h20 call, 2h50 web in normal mode) & (39:00 music 5h50 gps, 5h20 camera, 03h10 web, 11h40 call in economy mode), UI got better with Symbian Anna and the release of Belle will improve it even more. Plus it support USB on the go and i'll check how it works with a fiio E7.
    But i just use it to text, calls, gps and some web to check the schedule of buses...

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