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REVIEW: The Sennheiser HD 215 (the HD 205's bigger brother)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Aug 14, 2012.
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  1. akash neagi
  2. exxecutor
    @warren: Anti-theft is a bonus feature [​IMG].
    I try my best to do rotation for them hehe.... HD215 is easier to adjust and very comfortable. The sound is comforting and spacious - suitable when chillaxing. The DT150 is usually chosen for full-range, serious and honest listening [​IMG]. Good comfort level when properly adjusted. 
  3. ravishkalra
    yup they do and they may sound a bit better than the laptop's and desktop's default audio drivers :)
  4. Solatoral
    Hi there, first post on these forums so I'll keep it short and sweet.
    First off, just an amazing review. Your dedication and enthusiasm in delivering a high quality, extensive review is much appreciated, just brava.
    Secondly, I picked up a pair of these beauties today (a year late to the party, I know).
    I just absolutely adore them. They're fantastic beyond belief, everything about them makes me fall in love. Admittedly the bass is lower than my brothers 202's (or I think they're 202's, I'll double check tomorrow for you), but I can easily live with it.
    These are my first pair of serious headphones and I couldn't be happier with them. Beautiful rich, crisp sounds combined with extreme comfort and sleek, sexy design.
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  5. ravishkalra
    but take care of the 3.5 jack if u use it on laptop or any other moving object it tends to get damaged from inside :) but the customer care is nice aswell u can get em replaced free of cost :p
  6. dickiefunk
    How does the Sennheiser HD215 compare to the Superlux HD661, HD669 or HD631's?
  7. minjam11
    I owned these since 2011. They took a lot of beating, I was carrying them everywhere. I snapped my cable in half with a chair leg so I got that replaced and the pads are scratched a lot, but they still work and still sound great. 8/10 would recommend.
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  8. dakanao
    I tried the Sennheiser HD 205 yesterday at my workplace, and they sounded nothing special.
    BUT, I found the bass to be really tight. They only lacked clarity by a lot
  9. Apogee777
    LOVE these headphones, i like dry sound and these are true DJ headphones.
    as agreed with one of the reviewers on the actual main senn site these are for true mixing at source.
    Paul Kalkbrenner created the full soundtrack to Berlin Calling on HD 215's. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0211946/ recommended.
    i just have these hooked up to an X-fi soundcard and increased the bass one notch on the slider, the bass is deep and powerful without mid range sacrifice, also great for vocals in movies and the x-fi's headphone setting in games is so detailed no-one can sneak up on me. 
    personally have yet to hear a better sound stage, my 438's have weak sound stage and they are gathering dust on the shelf.
    always loved the 215's and i am currently on my 2nd pair.
    it takes a little while for the ears to adjust from previous headphones is all i can say, takes months of general listening to rate headphones correctly, when i first had these i didn't like them - until i was forced when my previous set fully broke.
    every time i bought another set of cans i kept falling back to these and now they stay permanently.
  10. MusicBox
    How do these compare to audio technica ath-m40x and sony mdr-7506?
  11. Apogee777
    i haven't owned either but per specs the ATH has slightly better high end but slightly less bass frequency (12hz (hd215) vs 15hz (athm40x)
    opposite with the sony, hd 215 has higher treble (22k vs sony's 20k) but the sony has deeper bass freq @ 10hz vs hs 215's 12hz
    of course real world listening and different ears can only prove what is better for you.
    the HD215's biggest drawback to many ppl is too much sibilance in the high end and not enough deep bass sound
    i personally increase the bass from the source (currently my x-fi sound card (which has no difference in stereo sound quality from my previous Audigy 2 gold))
    which tends to even out the sound for me, the crispy trebles i like - reminds me of my Yamaha 5,1 / polk audio setup where i can pick up the extra sounds - like fingers on the guitar, sniffles from the audience :)
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  12. AndyMossers
    I've had these headphones for a couple of years and through my motherboard sound they sound pretty good by default, apart from the bass. I need a gentle boost curve at the sub-bass and bass in order to make these headphones really sing, but once the settings are right they are very enjoyable to listen to. 
  13. Apogee777
    listening to anything with onboard sound on any decent headphone is a HI-FI sin, very bad sin.
    repent and grab a sound card..

    the difference in sound quality is nothing short of massive.
    i use an old x-fi card and they are cheap s/h and reliable, even an audigy of any type is excellent.
    however the headphone mode with the x-fi is quite essential i feel
    x-fi and audigy cards (10 years old) support win8/10.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2018
  14. Apogee777
    My X-fi died and i picked up a used Asus Xonar D1.

    - Xonar D1 put warmth into the headphone - unbelievable! it's like revisiting my old Denon solid state amp
    highly recommended, the 215's are a totally different HF with the xonar d1.
    However, a general audigy or X-fi is more audiophile and accurate, but no warmth.
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  15. ravishkalra
    2012-2018 finaly they died on me cuz i have to get a new replacement cable (jack broke) and the service center is not in the city im currently in :frowning2: XONAR make me feel i had a surround sound headphone :p will miss this lovely pair of cans
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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