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Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
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  1. JerryLeeds

    Thanks ... it has 128GB internal memory and only one microSD slot ... so not as much possible storage ... this is a high item on my list

    Plus my current funds are going to my desktop setup
  2. kel77
    That is Opus #2.
    The Opus #1 metal premium has the same internal storage and 2 sd card storage as the regular Opus #1.
  3. DrumSeb
    How does the JH Roxanne old version, pair with the QR!r ? 
  4. bearFNF Contributor
    Mine work great with it. Old and new version.
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  5. danny334
    This is what I've been saying here.  It's very bad that Questyle is silent about all the issues we raise especially software related ones.  People who are supposed to be loyal to your product will start testing the waters due to lack of basic features.  For that price range they should be using the product for at least a year before they start trying other things.  Suddenly another product will be highly recommended.  Not that they can stop anybody but it's important that your customers are happy because they jknow you are doing something.
  6. kel77

    It gets worse when they chose to quietly replace components on latest batch of the player.
    How would early adopters feel about this?
  7. mwhals

    I feel angry that a half finished design and half finished UI were sold as a final product.
  8. Philliesfan
    I'm not sure what folks are all so mad about. If I buy a 2016 Miata and Mazda comes out with improvements in 2017, do I blame the company for not having the better car in 2016? No. I know that any computer, car, cell phone --  just about anything I buy today -- will probably be surpassed by future technology. I decide to buy today so I can enjoy it now, rather than wait endlessly for the perfect product.
    Yea, the wheel was designed too slippery. They etched it, but just designed the etching badly. Instead of following the circle, it should have gone from edge to edge, providing some grip. Sure, they didn't start out with the best software, but it was damn good software. We all love the sound they got from this device. And they didn't walk away, they listened to our comments and upgraded the software, even for the QP1, which was discontinued.
    So now we have a device that is not just a great portable player but one that we can use as a DAC with our laptops or desktops so even the music we stream sounds great. 
    It drives hard to drive, top of the line headphones like a desk top unit, and makes middling phones sound better than they deserve to. I am astounded at what it can make even my cheap phones sound like. 
    So what is the complaint? That it isn't perfect, that a device we all applauded as outperforming units four times as expensive, needed refining. Sure, they could have just kept it in house for all these years and burnished it. But I am glad they didn't. And I am glad they listened to this group and kept improving the software. 
    So they have gone in and improved a few components and fixed the slippery wheel in their latest production run. Good for them. And good for the folks who get to buy it now. My 2004 Miata doesn't compare to the new one they just released with the automatic hard top. But it is still fun to drive, and I enjoy it. And I don't revile Mazda for having the gall to keep getting it better. 
    I have a QP1. I don't expect any more software upgrades, but if they come, I'll gladly enjoy them. My dream is having the QP1 recognized by my iPhone using just a lightning to micro-usb cable, and using the QP1 as a DAC/AMP for streaming when I don't have a computer around. It that happens, it's just a big bonus, because the unit I got wasn't even supposed to be able to work as a DAC.
    I am truly sorry some of you feel cheated.  Do what you do when you want a newer, better car. Sell it on the used market for what you can get and upgrade. Yea, you will lose a little money, but if you need the latest and best, it's the only option -- with cars, with computers, with cell phones and with Digital Audio Players. And if you think another model by another maker is better, by all means go that way.
    Rant over. Time to plug in some headphones and enjoy a tune or two before sleep. 
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  9. mwhals
    The car analogy is not the same. The better car is a new model year car. The name of the car has a year to differentiate the new from the old. Questyle did not do anything to the name to differentiate new from old.

    Cars do not get updates to add new features to the same model year like the QP1R.

    Onkyo improved the DP-X1, but called it the DP-X1a to differentiate it.
  10. Philliesfan

    Well, I have a 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia. In 1983, VW switched, mid year, from air cooled to a water cooled engine, and didn't change the name. I bought the 1982 because the air cooled was much better than the newer water cooled engine, which had terrible problems in the early years with coolant leaks.
    I can understand your problem if you are in the market for a used QP1 and can't tell whether you are getting the new version or the old version, but if you already have one, you know what you have. What difference would the new name make for you as an owner of the old one? I don't see the problem. If Questyle didn't believe their tweaks rose to the level of a new model number, I can live with that. 
  11. pippen99
    I have an appointment next week to get a software update to my Jaguar.  It is to increase the functionality of the information center, updated engine software, and electrical software updates to improve battery function.  I believe Tesla actually added self driving features through a software update over the air.  I don't doubt that other car manufacturers do the same.
  12. mwhals

    Still bad example. You were able to get the update without buying a new car. We can not get a hardware update without buying a new QP1R. Yes, we can get new firmware.
  13. MrButchi
    Jimminy Cricket... Here is how your line goes @mwhals:
    1. They don't update => "aholes! they shipped a pos and left us burdened!!!!"
    2. They do update => "aholes! I was cheated!!!!"
    Come on... seriously? The guys have been following through to cover some minor faults. And yes, they ARE minor. I know the product isn't cheap, but no one strong armed anyone into buying one either.
    If one doesn't like Questyle's products, it's fine. Say it once, and move over. But there is no need to show up every other 10 pages and product evolution to come crap on their face and tell how horrible the company is for actually following up on their product and gradually improving the small tweaks.
    And that's coming from someone who doesn't even own a QP1R anymore because my personal situation made it so that I couldn't justify keeping it...
  14. mrhizzo
    It's funny to see how people can be so submissive of a company and instead of use the reason and recognize that they did a horrible wheel that doesn't work with tricks (this is a fault product), they protect, minimize the problem and blame the consumer that buy the product, trusting in that company, for buying a faulty product.

    Congratulations everyone. And in special to Questyle.
  15. mwhals

    Every other 10 pages? Look again. You can not find me bashing the QP1R every 10 pages. The last few posts are the first time I showed any complaint loudly. I still think it sounds fabulous, but I guess you didn't see the vast number of posts over the life of this thread.

    Further, you quoted phrases I never said insinuating I said them. I do not even use that kind of language.

    Further, I do not use the choice words you used in points 1 and 2 and disagree with your use of them in this thread.

    This is all I am saying about this. As you say, let's all move on.
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