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Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
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  1. cho8

    I thought you were talking about Apple in your post! Don't see anyone being submissive to Questyle as nobody has been defending any comments that the company has made most likely because they didn't say anything. I read through all the threads before getting my qp1r and knew about the wheel issue but also felt that the fix proposed was acceptable seeing as no complaints were about the actual build quality e.g feeling cheap or falling apart. Sometimes people and companies make decisions on a product that might not be 100% but it's something that might not be economical to fix short of going bust or eating into funds which could have been used for future development. It's always easy to complain when you don't have to deal with the issue!

    If the issue is that they've introduced a new wheel that works better, would you complain if you were able to buy this newer player? Many products out there have problems as a first model which is why many people don't buy the newest latest toy immediately preferring to let the early adopters iron issues out first. Even with billion dollar companies like Apple. As others have said, if you don't like the product, don't use it or sell it. Other than a wheel which actually still functions(although not 100%), it is a brilliant dap which plays music. It's main function
  2. danny334
    Guys we are not here to demand that Questyle address every issue.  Everyone is here to represent what they see as a priority.  A lot of features are assumed before the product is purchased.  We expect a certain standard e.g if you got an ipod some things in there is common in almost every other DAP. I for one had no way of knowing that playlists will be numbered and not named after artists.  There's no where to go and try it fully before you buy, at least to that extent. A lot of what we're posting here is trying to persuade the company to address some of these issues.  I don't believe that we're being unreasonable because a majority of these issues can be addressed by software. Of course the wheel issue is unique but there's a reasonable fix already demonstrated here.
    We are certainly not expecting anything out of the ordinary in the DAP world.  Manufacturers have been practicing this for a long time now.  They release products without some features and add some as they go along as a gesture of good will but they also have the common sense to remember that we are more likely to be the people who will be buying the next version and therefore that relationship exists.  Customers who bought the "unfinished" product always come begging and the manufacturer who produced and sold the "unfinished" product will add a feature or two and in some cases making the product much better, beating the competion and at the same time meeting the expectation of the customers. 
    It is absurd for either party to blame the other.  You will never hear them calling the customers who believed to have been "hoodwinked" into buying "stupid", neither should the customers call them fraudulent.  There is a relationship here and most of us using this forum are matured enough to understand.  No one here should blame anybody and everyone should be free to ask for features they want to see because a lot of manufacurers have used customer feedback to move their companies from losses into huge profitability.  Everyone wins here.
    Let's all be matured customers.
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  3. Quadfather
    Not understanding all this angst.  All electronics are nearly obsolete within two years of purchase.  Have an account for the new and improved and research to the max.
  4. 329161
    lol. People like me were complaining about this a while ago. I was censored and told to stop complaining. This thread is one big promotional tool for Questyle. Simple as that.
  5. ProLoL
    Why people keep complaining? just enjoy the sound quality of the device..
  6. buke9
    Who censored you? I complained a lot when I first got mine and no one told me to shut up. I derive no compensation from Questyle from any post I make here. Is it perfect no does it sound great yes. I think you just made a post deriding all the positive post here and you weren't censored. You can think what you want I don't care it is your opinion. Even with its deficiencies it is still the best sounding for the price in my opinion and that is what I what. I'm no tool for Questyle period.
  7. 514077
    Far from being a Questyle worship thread, there's too much bloody whining about a wheel.  I've wasted more time reading this thread than listening to my DAP.  I think I'll just monitor the other thread in case of FW updates.  There's nothing left, here.
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  8. buke9
    Yep just about ready to unsub myself.
  9. mwhals

    I have thought of that too, believe it or not.
  10. buke9
    No one is making us follow it so why not.
  11. JerryLeeds
    I just hope they extend the library further then 20k songs ... that way I am all set to keep the QP1R for a relatively long period of time ...
  12. mwhals
    Until we see a QP2R, my QP1R will still be my portable unit for travel and the front porch.
  13. moedawg140 Contributor
    Hey everyone,

    I thought it would be cool if we shared our songs that we've listened to that sound great with the QP1R. If it can be found on Spotify, I can add posted songs to a playlist that I created in there called "QP1R Playlist".

    The song that I added to the playlist to start it off is Ed Sheeran's "Family - P Money" from his No.5 Collaborations Project album.

    Looking forward to listening to your posted songs!
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  14. Bambule
    Chemical Brothers - piku
  15. cho8
    Not sure if the version is on Spotify but I got a binaural version of Macy gray 'stripped' really demonstrates what binaural can do almost regardless of the equipment you're using(well, I think its binaural as it said so on the tin :p )
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