Review of Meier Audio Corda JAZZ with ƒƒ-technology upgrade

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shoggy, Oct 3, 2011.
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  1. Argo Duck
    Jan, this is a fantastically interesting and versatile device. Tempting!
  2. rasmushorn
    I'm looking forward to being in Berlin in November.
  3. RazorJack
    Interesting, Jan!

    Just out of curiousity I'd love to hear your newest invention. Although as I am typing this I'm listening to the Concerto + Stagedac combo which have been obsolete for many years now (with the original T1 which I also purchased from Meier Audio almost 6 years ago), however despite that I have zero desire to upgrade!

    Wish I could make a trip to Berlin next month :)
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  4. MRC001
    I'm the person who measured that.
    Under normal operation, THD and IM distortion in the Jazz is too low for me to measure with my basic gear (it's below - 90 dB). But in low gain mode, distortion increases rapidly past the 2:00 position on the volume knob. This is specific to low gain mode. If you have to turn the knob past 2:00, use high gain instead! And this is purely a gain issue, not an output level or power issue. The jazz can get plenty loud (> 1 watt output) without this distortion, so long as it's in high gain mode.
    In short, the Jazz's low gain mode is only for efficient IEMs. Most normal headphones use high gain mode. And it has a stepped attenuator volume knob, so unlike an analog potentiometer, it retains perfect channel balance and signal clarity even at low volume knob settings in high gain mode.
    I use my Jazz almost every day with my Audeze LCD-2 and Sennheiser HD-600 headphones. It is a fantastic little amp, among the best I've heard even among amps costing many times more.
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  5. Jan Meier Contributor
    Have you guys noted the November-Sales on the JAZZ models?


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  6. trellus
    Wow, the JAZZ-ff for $350 USD! :astonished:
  7. zerogorgor
    Have been waiting for a DAC/HPA from Meier Audio for some time, finally! Looks like there is no SE output though?
  8. Toad_of_Toad_Hall
    Dedicated thread for Corda SOUL here. Please keep discussion of the new amp on one thread to make it easier for everyone to find info/impressions. Jan deserves more exposure.

    Who's able to make it to Berlin? Looking forward to reading descriptions of the SOUL's sound.
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  9. Toad_of_Toad_Hall
    I took advantage of Jan's November sale and purchased a Corda Jazz ff ($350 USD down from $440 USD).

    He describes it as a "fine choice for people who normally prefer tubes". It's been a while since I've owned a SS amp, so I'm curious. What does this description imply? There's just so much variety in the sound of tubes and tube amps. Perhaps it's a lack of harshness/fatigue-inducing sound.

    I'm also attracted by my memory of the Concerto, particularly its vanishingly low noise floor: It can cost a lot more than the Jazz to get a tube amp that has this quality. The on-board cross feed circuit will also be welcome when listening to hard-panned early stereo recordings from my CD player.

    As long as I can enjoy my music without unwelcome distractions I'll be a happy camper.
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  10. MRC001
    I've owned a Jazz for a couple of years. And several other amps to compare it to. The Jazz is a clean, neutral amp with excellent objective measurements. But comparing to other amps like the JDS Element that measure just as well, the Jazz sounds more musical and refined with a richness to the bass and a sweetness to the mids and highs. Usually I avoid "musical" amps because it's often a code word for euphonic distortion: lack of neutrality or poor objective measurements. I've owned SET tube amps (Pete Millet's Wheatfield HA-2) and the Jazz doesn't sound like a tube amp; its musicality is far more subtle and doesn't get in the way of objective neutrality, clarity or detail.
  11. Toad_of_Toad_Hall
    Helpful comments, thanks. Do you own the "ff" version?
  12. MRC001
    No, I bought mine before Jan devised the FF circuit.
  13. ammppp10
    Hi all,

    I currently use beyerdynamic t5p 2 gen with dragonfly red (which basically out competed Audeze Deckard I owned). do you think matching my cans with corda JAZZ ff version will present any difference than the dragonfly red in terms of more details, greater soundstage and some more warmth? Thanks!
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  14. VRacer-111
    What will you be using for a DAC?

    The main phone I care about DAC/amp need is my modded TH-X00PH.

    The only difference I notice between DFR and DFR+JAZZ-ff is slightly better detail and bass, but it also is slighty veiled and slightly less warm sounding than DFR alone. DFR by itself is also clearer and warmer than Schiit Bifrost and JAZZ-ff combo, though the Bifrost/JAZZ-ff combo has better bass and detail than the DFR/JAZZ-ff combo. I really liked the JAZZ-ff mainly for the crossfeed implimentation, that is its forte that it does very well, but the JAZZ-ff is lacking in bass presentation and not completely syncing with my can selection. It has a nicely detailed and clean sound...but doesn't fully bring out everything in my selection of cans, they always felt lacking in different ways. Going to DFR + Gustard H10 amp (with Burson V6 Classic opamps) was a HUGE increase in detail, major BASS bump, no noise at high volume, and better warmth compared to the DFR/JAZZ-ff, and fairly noticeable over the Bifrost/JAZZ-ff combo. But the Gustard X20U DAC / modded H10 amp combo is even much further beyond the Bifrost /JAZZ-ff combo... incredible boost in detail, another boost in bass quality and impact (absolutely INSANE Impact with my modded TH-X00PH), absolutely black background and ZERO noise, and again clearer and smoother sounding. X20U / modded H10 is my endgame setup... only thing that could make it better is a Meier level crossfeed implementation.

    The HD700 and M1060, did not work so well with the JAZZ-ff... they absolutely needed the massive power, better detail, and warmth tilt from the Gustard H10 to come alive - JAZZ-ff was too neutral and underpowered for those cans to sound their best from either a DFR or Bifrost.
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  15. ammppp10
    thanks for your reply.
    so the combination of DFR with Gustard H10 should deliver a significant improvment over DFR alone? again, in terms of details and openness. Doesn't the warm character of the H10 is negatively affecting amount of details and imaging?
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