Review: InEar StageDiver Series
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Hmmmm, sounds like it might be too warm for me. I really liked the UERM demo, it could have had a little more bass quantity but other than that it was pretty much perfect.

W30 it is...
The SD2 is warmer and has some more punch. Both are not very intimate and have a respectful distance to the listener, yet the SD2 has a more romantic presentation when it comes to closeness of voices.
So SD2 has some thicker upper bass and lusher voices, which I personally prefer.
Whereas the SD2 rolls off smoothly in the highs, the UERM shows more linear presence, but also has a peak that I noticed with the demo unit (could not be apparent with the custom).

My observation was that the UERM is very analytical whereas the SD2 is not. Personally, I'd prefer the UERM for Classical & Jazz and SD2 for everything else.

My audition of UERM was some months ago, I could feel differently today, so don't trust my opinion alone.
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I think I'd really like to compare the SD2 and SD3. I do find there is some veiling of vocals with the SD3 in comparison to the Heirs. The vocals are set back slightly by the bass. Fit wise the stagedivers knock it out of the park. These are the best fitting universals ever for me. Do the vocals come forward after more burn in? Mine have around 15 hours on them.
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Unfortunately they do not rely too much on burn in ...
The sources also plays an important role for voice, for me with the T51 TekMOD they are clear and more highlighted than on my other sources. I am fortunate to have found a very good pairing for the SD3, with for me a perfect quantity in bass, in almost all my tracks without equalizing.
Merry Christmas !
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Hello Ultrazino,
I need your opinion about the sound comparison between StageDiver SD-2 & SD-3 vs Dunu DN-1000:
1) Which one has the micro details/details which is very close to DBA02-MKII?
2) Which one has the best 3D imaging and the widest sounds stage?
3) Which one has the best separation for vocal and instrument?
4) Which one has the best "QUALITY" (not "QUANTITY" ) bass that punchy, fast, deep and extended?
Thanks again.
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The RHA tips fit the stagedivers absolutely fine. They appear to be the same as the ortofon.
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Has anyone ever try the stagediver SD-1 ?
Mar 8, 2014 at 1:01 AM Post #165 of 341
Bit of a (vague) update of arrival SD4 and news of limited edition veneers model on other thread:

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