Review: InEar StageDiver Series
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Advancedmp3 are out of stock or I would buy there
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Woohoo they had one pair appear at about 2am. They're on their way to me!
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I'll wait until the january sales and get £50 off ...... lol
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Have read comments in other threads (and some old FS) of the cable greening. Aesthetically very unpleasing but not affecting sound quality and is (so I understand) not covered by warranty.
I wonder (hope) this is an old problem. 2 FS's talk of the 'usual' greening happening after a few weeks.
Any updates?
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This is my set up..

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Nice headphone cable, where did you get that?
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Only problem with that is that amp3 probably won't get any stock in of anything until the sales end :p

i'll wait until you've had enough of your pair david and buy them from you... :)
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Heh.  I doubt I'll ever get round to ordering these now (came close the other week when amp3 were running a 10% off offer).  The new unique melody universals have my attention atm but I have a serious inability to order anything once I'm in what I call lockdown mode.  This basically entails me getting interested in something, doing the research/reviews thing and then not bothering to getting round to ordering it and moving on to the next.  Saves on the cc bills though :)
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Mine have arrived. I'm extremely impressed with soundstage and bass impact. Clarity of mids is also impressive. Very pleased, very comfy.
OK, got about six hours on them now. Seems to be little difference in size of tips, but fit even better with medium not large, deep insertion works well.
Feel much bigger than the Heir 4ai they are replacing. But very comfortable. The sound out of them is much more fun, makes me want to dance more, rather than just listen. The Heirs are more analytical, less bassy, lighter weight. I look forward to walking through London with the stagedivers on, isolation is excellent. Will try some tip rolling.

How do you get the cables out of the stagedivers? Was going to try the Heir cable, as the memory wire on the SD3 is waay too long. That's my only real gripe so far. Mind you the cable in the Heirs is stiff, and the stagediver one looks way better.
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I was looking for some fun. Something different to while away the time on long bus trips - and, boy, did I get it. My comments are in this context (and after one trip and a heavy 48 hours of use from box opening). I tend to listen to, Pink Floyd, Santana and some Reggae on these occasions. I wanted a change from my usual Grado GR10’s.
The soundstage was dazzlingly spacious - almost 3d – I used the stock tips (changing to Comply makes for more intimacy). Separation is superb and detailed with no blending of instruments. The bass is pure quality- no mud - sublime. Once past the bass spectrum and into the mids and treble the clarity and timbre remind me of the Beyerdynamic T5p – quite sparky and seperate. Thinking of the SD3’s as a ‘bass monster’ is a big mistake. These are quality.
The casing is large and solid but they just slip in to my ears without effort – and stay there. The fit is, without doubt, the best in-ear I’ve tried, the same for comfort. Love the cable – its light and just the right length for me, I’m not worried about the lightness because I tend to be careful with my gear. Sound isolation is excellent – a colleague in an adjacent seat couldn’t hear a thing – nada. Too many superlatives? Maybe - from past experience I always beware of ‘love at first sight’ syndrome. But these are different, in a very good way - first impressions are that they have the potential to take a bigger place in my audio life.
Source:  AK100 - ALO Copper mini to mini - Pico Slim
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Has anyone heard both the UERM and SD2? I'm curious how they compare.

The SD2 is warmer and has some more punch. Both are not very intimate and have a respectful distance to the listener, yet the SD2 has a more romantic presentation when it comes to closeness of voices.
So SD2 has some thicker upper bass and lusher voices, which I personally prefer.
Whereas the SD2 rolls off smoothly in the highs, the UERM shows more linear presence, but also has a peak that I noticed with the demo unit (could not be apparent with the custom).
My observation was that the UERM is very analytical whereas the SD2 is not. Personally, I'd prefer the UERM for Classical & Jazz and SD2 for everything else.
My audition of UERM was some months ago, I could feel differently today, so don't trust my opinion alone.

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