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REVIEW: Comparison of 5 High End Digital Music Servers - Aurender N10, CAD CAT server, TotalDac d1-Server, Auralic Aries, Audiophile Vortex Box

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by romaz, Nov 9, 2015.
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  1. Nuno Vitorino

    My name is Nuno Vitorino and I'm the R&D Director at Innuos. Been a lurker for some time now on the forums and I'm really appreciating both the the exchange of ideas and how civil people are here. So I'm happy to become a bit more active and write a few lines with our view of topics relating to our products or generally to digital audio. Do bear with me though as I may not be as fast as some of you responding on the forum...

    I see there's some confusion with regards to the availability of the Zenith SE so I can provide a quick heads up:

    1. The Zenith SE will be strickly limited to 100 units. We will not issue any additional SE units after that. We decided to launch it as a Special Edition at the time as we have a very limited supply of the toroidal transformers used on the SE and there's quite a lot of manual labour involved in producing one. There are only a few more units that are used as demo/review systems which are not numbered but those will not be for sale. So SE buyers can rest assured.

    2. We are now on the last 5 units available after dealer pre-orders. Some of our dealers will stock a few units so you may be able to find one even if we have already allocated all sales on our side.

    I'll be looking around, feel free to drop a question here or PM me if you like.

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  2. Pappadave
    Nuno, thank you very much for your clarification. My order is in:)
  3. STR-1
    Hi Nuno. Thanks for confirming the limited edition status of the SE. Now that I have mine I expect to be content with that side of things for a while, though I will of course be looking forward to new announcements from Innuos (in 2018?) to see where you take things after the SE.

    People involved in the development of products we discuss will always be welcome on this thread, and we look forward to further inputs from you.
  4. bmichels
    C354D2EA-1868-43E0-A007-D8CE79AE9E37.jpeg Has someone already tested the AURALIC ARIES G2 and compared it to other music server ?

    I have the ARIES V1 and wonder how better the G2 is ?

    Last edited: Jan 20, 2018
  5. STR-1
    I don’t know if the G2 is out yet. I was told a couple of months ago by a dealer that there was some kind of delay.
  6. STR-1
  7. TheAttorney
    Yes, an interesting review by @austinpop.

    I'm still not rushing to get a new server though. The SE limited edition run is nearly all gone now, but Innuos is bound to come out with new models that build upon experience gained. Hopefully at levels both below and above the current SE.
    And I've just seen the UK pricelist of the updated Antipodes servers, and the Core model won't give me much change out of £6k (with 1TB storage), so that is considerably more than I was expecting.
    So my hopes rest with SOtM to come up with their rumoured supa server that in effect will have much of the trifecta components plus reference clock plus all their recent experience gained in noise reduction - all in the same box, with hopefully 3 DC inputs that I could drive from my upcoming SR7. That should give the best of all worlds.

    Speaking of the SR7, the good news is that Paul Hynes has finally restarted communications and is aiming to make a concerted effort at clearing his backlog. The bad news is that his more realistic build schedule of 1 SR7 per week means that my SR7's ETA is later now than is was last October. I now hope to get it by mid March, which will be 1 year from when I put the order in. If I hadn't been tied down by the the SR7, I may well have gone for the SE and be done with it.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
  8. austinpop
    @TheAttorney your plan does make sense, given you have an SR-7 coming. You just have to hope you don’t have too long a wait for these next round of servers to come out.
  9. seeteeyou
    I know that @romaz doesn't post here anymore, though I'm just wondering if Roy or anyone who might have tried Oppo UDP-205 with all kinda upgrades?


    @austinpop actually posted something on CA recently

  10. onlychild
    For anyone interested, I needed to cancel my Innuos Zenith SE order so my dealer, Audio Doctor, has one left with no wait time (actually just received it today from Innuos). He is one of the authorized dealers in the U.S. found on Innuos's website.

    You can reach him at http://www.audiodoctor.com/index.html
  11. STR-1
    Review of the Zenith SE now out in HiFi+
  12. austinpop
    Do you have a link? I'm not seeing it...
  13. austinpop
    Zenith SE owners:

    I am finding that with version 1.3.2, the native player is unconditionally transcoding all DSD to 352.8 FLAC. It does not change even if I set the DSD flag from transcode to native.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? It was working fine before in 1.3.1.
  14. STR-1
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  15. STR-1
    Sorry, read about it in the digital ecition, which landed today. Didn’t check tne website.

    The review is by Jason Kennedy, who likes it very much. He considers the CAD CAT to be in the same ballpark as the Zenith SE, but not as versatile. He states “Captivating is not a sufficient word to describe what this device is capable of, ‘Gobsmacking’ gets closer...None of the elements employed within the Zenith SE are new, but Innuos is the first, to my knowledge, to have put them together...”
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