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REVIEW AND COMPARISON: Eddie Current Balancing Act and SUPER 7

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by purrin, Nov 6, 2011.
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  1. Anaxilus
    Oh what fun!  Just spent the last 5 hours rolling tubes.  [​IMG][​IMG] One last experiment to run w/ 6F8Gs before I settle for sure.  
    This freaking amp rocks.  Now that I have a few more tubes and adapters I'm running a bit of a different set-up.  Oddly, I'm finding I don't need to run any warmer tubes to synergize w/ my modded HD800s like with the prototype.  I'm running a very complimentary set of technically proficient, detailed, balanced tubes.  
    Compared to the protoype, better detail and transparency with better low end presence and impact too!  [​IMG]  Must be the cap upgrade and Electraprints over the Transcendars.  Now I get to focus on the music and not the tubes.  Hopefully I get to bed before the sun comes up.  
    Oh, those double C-Cores Craig has been working on?  Oh my.....[​IMG]
  2. tme110
    How many people getting/thinking about getting the S7 ever plan to use it with speakers?
  3. xchagg
    I'm using the S7 to drive a pair of PSB Imagine Mini's for desktop/nearfield listening. Only been hooked up for 36 h, but I'm enjoying the combo VERY much [​IMG] (So much so that tube-rolling with the HD800 can wait for the next weekend heh).
  4. santacore
    Craig mentioned that he designed the amp for desktop speaker listening, not big room play. I'll keep that as an option down the line, but it's strictly headphones for me. I have a speaker rig that works just fine.
  5. Anaxilus


    I wasn't going to but something interesting showed up on my radar so that might change.  If it comes to pass I'll post some pic that might be amusing to some.
  6. ctemkin
    Just a quick update.  I have been using the combination of 5 Sylvania 6sn7ws and 2 Ken Rad VT 231s.  In comparison with my Apache, the bass output of the HD 800s is notably increased, and the treble is dialed back slightly.  This is precisely the effect I was looking for.  At the same time, the clarity, soundstage, and musicality are just excellent.  This is one terrific amp.
    I am sure that I am going to try additional rolling of the tubes I have and possibly new tubes, and to see how the LCD 2 sounds on the amp. Right now, though, I am just going to listen to music.
  7. purrin
    There is one thing I want to address here, and I mean this in the kindest possible way, because I have been guilty of this too: there comes a time when it is better to listen to music rather than tubes. I am making this statement more toward prospective owners of the Super 7 and also to those who have asked me as to what tubes to run. The fact is, this amp sounds wonderful (and neutral with deep bass extension) with the stock set of tubes provided by Craig. And if anyone wanted to so some tweaking, I would start with the driver (there's a lot to choose from.) It's my attention to allay any fears that folks interested in this amp might see all this as extra complexity with tube rolling as a necessity. It's not.
    Finally, while I would be more than happy to sit and chat all day about tubes, it would rather be pointless because your source, your headphones, and personal preferences play a large part. Also, if you do not have an actual reference (that is own the amp with stock set), we would be working rather blindly. There's a excellent 6SN7 guide posted here on HF, and I would recommend this as a place to start with the driver tube.
  8. CEE TEE
    As far as a process for rolling/getting to know what this amp can do:
    At the meet, the production Super 7 with the stock Tung Sols was a lot better than the prototype but I had already purchased many other tubes.  So I didn't get the tube package.
    I'm thinking about getting 7 reissue Tung Sols now though.  Then I'd have a "baseline" whenever I want and can easily isolate how different output tubes (or just the driver tubes) sound.
    Putting 6 reissue TS tubes in there and <only> rolling the driver tube simplifies things just like the Apex Peak does.
    I could see how very "general" tube info (such as "brighter" or "stronger bass", etc.) could be a bit helpful- but more of a starting point.
    Got a combo I am having fun with now...just listening and trying to get to sleep at a reasonable hour these days. [​IMG]
  9. Anaxilus
    I have 4 you can have.  I think between me and purrin we might have 6 lying around somewhere.  I started from the beginning since the amp was improved w/ new Tung-sols and the EH versions.  They didn't stay in very long so you're welcome to them.  
  10. CEE TEE
    ^Perfect!  Thanks, guys...I'll take it offline.  Will be fun to come down and compare tube combos later.
  11. Rob N Contributor
    Should get my Super 7 tomorrow
  12. Zebra
    If anyone receives a set of tubes they did not order, please PM me.  Thank you.
  13. Rob N Contributor
    Anyone have any hum when using the Super 7 with Grados?
  14. Anaxilus


    Not for me.  Zero hum w/ the SA5000 and HP1000.  Only hum is when I disconnect the source.
  15. redwarrior191
    to purrin / anax / those who has got their S7.. how would you compare it to a dynalo (in my case a GLite) or a CK2iii?? any of you guys has heard both or all of them??
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