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Reshell Options for W4 busted wire - Brisbane Australia

  1. kingice10
    Hi Guys,

    Just want to ask if you can recommend me a company to do custom reshells for my Westone W4. My W4 got a busted wire but I don't want to buy a new one as the drivers are still working fine. I really liked how they sound and I want them custom reshelled. I checked with Westone, Acustoms and other InEars Companies here and they replied they are not doing any custom reshell for W4 anymore.

    I still have my Earsonics reshelled by a company in Singapore but I cant contact them anymore. I also have my JH16 Pro 2013 edition and I want to reshell them too. I still have my preferred ear molds.

    Note: These 3 iems are my main iems now, I am selling my other stuff bought since 2013 - Sony EX1000, Earsonics SM64, PFE110, etc.

    Would be swell if there are no hassles in communication for those companies recommended.

    An Old Headfier here and still rocking the sound of my iems.

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