Requesting Your Good Thoughts & Prayers - Update: 1/11/08
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Hope Wolfgang gets better soon.

Having a sick pet is not fun. My brother almost lost his pure bred lab over the holidays due to illness. Unfortunately he is still not completely out the woods yet, but doing much better.
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Our Cocker Spaniel when I was growing up was diagnosed with Cushings far too late. Well she was middle aged and it just sort of looked like she was loosing her girlish figure.

But it was my parents who had to go through that, although obviously I grieved as well. The one that was on me was when my horse went down with colic, and I only found her after she was completely down. I remember being the only one out in the pasture having to beg her to get up as I pulled on the rope and looked into eyes that barely saw me. And with that she used the last of her strength to get up and she only did it for me.

I guess she was no Barbaro, not wanting to fight even a tummy ache.

I bother writing all this because she was absolutely at death's door, her original vet was too busy playing golf to be bothered while I and the support of the local horsey experts struggled to find a backup and figure out if we should give her the injection or not.

And we found the best damn backup vet in the world, and him combined with her fighting, only hearing me, only barely seeing me, not focused on anything else like she usually was, she pulled through.

It's a combination, it's the strength and will to fight it combined with someone giving the right damn treatment. Jeez that was 10 years ago and my heart beats faster thinking about it.

So be that voice to focus on, be there like you're doing now, and like your cat has always done for you, and whatever will be will be. You'll know the right choices to make, your cat will tell you. It sounds like the vets have a fighting cocktail to help as much as they can. We're all pulling for you both. Even my dog Pixie, who hates cats. (We don't hate cats though.
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You & your cat are lucky to have each other. There is such a wonderful bond between pets & their people -- really nothing quite like it. My thoughts are with you both.
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My cat sends a get well meow in Wolfgang's general direction. Hope everything turns out all right, my friend.
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Warm wishes....
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Sorry to hear of Wolfgang's illness. Here's hoping for the best. We've lost two of our cats in the past three years, one just this past July, so I can relate to your situation.
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Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support. Both my husband and I adore Wolfgang and appreciate all the thoughts, wishes and prayers of support. We got Wolfie on the spur of the moment, thanks to my husband (+friend) and he has been my dearest companion since. My husband says he is my familiar. I don't know for sure, but the love that this little guy has given me certainly a perfect definition of that in our book.

The last 48 hours have been rough. Wolfgang is holding on but very weak. We brought him home tuesday night after the transfusion and took him back to the clinic first thing wednesday morning. He spent the day there getting more medication, fluids, feeding and testing. Our vet has no night-time coverage, so as long as the vets agree, we bring him home for comfort, care and watchful vigilance. Last night he was somewhat agitated, moving around weakly to urinate and find a comfortable spot to lay.

Today he went to the vet, we thought for another transfusion, but since his protein level was stable for 24 hours, the vet did not wish to risk a transfusion. Instead he was given more fluids, another antibiotic, more steroids and a organic mix to help with his new diarrhea. We were all concerned because he vomited some fluids and wanted to be certain it was not the medication, but it appears to be water and the high protein food mix he has been being force fed.

Tonight he lies near me in his crate on warm towels and a heating pad to keep his temperature up and him comfortable. He is not out of the woods yet, but he has not given up and neither are we. Tomorrow he goes to the vet again for another blood test (daily now) and whatever other meds or treatment he will require. We keep talking to him, tending to his needs and are hopeful he will get stronger each day.

So you can see who your good thoughts, wishes, prayers and songs are going out to, here is our little Woflgang...


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