Requesting Your Good Thoughts & Prayers - Update: 1/11/08
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Mar 14, 2007
It's been hard for me to read and post these last few days because my cat, Wolfgang (yes, after Mozart) has been very ill. We have been fighting some unknown problem causing his red bloods cells to deplete. We were lucky today to find someone kind enough to provide their cat for a blood transfusion for which otherwise our Wolfgang would not have lasted. He is still very ill. He had lost over 5 lbs, can barely stand and we have had to feed him manually by feeding tube.

If I could, I would like to ask for any of you willing, to send us some good thoughts, wishes and prayers so that our little lover boy cat can have the strength to pull through and get well again. Wolfgang is an extraodinary cat, being there through my own illnesses and emotional hard times. He always seems to know when I need him and comes to be with me to calm me. I have been desperately trying to do the same for him and hope he can pull through to enjoy many more years together. I deeply appreciate all the hope, courage and strength you can send his way in this time of need. Perhaps you can play a favorite song for him to help him heal. He loves music.
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I'll be praying for him. Hope he gets well again. Is he on any meds for his condition?

Thank you very much.. everyone. Yes, he is on prednisone (which has been increased) and clavamox. He had an IV today for fluids and other meds to boost his red blood cells (plus the transfusion) and provide nutrition to compensate for his loss of appetite, even though we have been feeding him manually. He's like a little rag doll right now and we're taking turns comforting and watching him till we take him back to the clinic in the morning.
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I don't mean to depress anyone. Actually, I have to thank you all because over the last few days the only thing able to take my mind off Wolfgang's illness has been reading head-fi posts. So thank you all .. and for all the good stuff you send Wolf's way.
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I hope everything goes well with your cat... Best wishes and I hope all is well soon!
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Best wishes to Wolfie
It's terrible when your pets aren't doing well. I really hope he pulls through.

If you think calling a cat Wolfgang is kind of weird... My dad is such a music nerd we ended up with a dog called Scarbo, all our computers have musical tempo and dynamics names, and we got an ice cream cake for Mozart's 250th birthday:


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