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Replacing M50s with more open headphones?

  1. cgot2b
    First off, Engllish is my not my primary language, so I apologize for lack of right terminology. Furthermore I live in Europe so some of the regular recommendations might not be available or priced similary. 
    Due to an unlucky chain of events (broken office chair -> fell over -> broken headphones [​IMG]) I had to say farewell to my Audio Technica ATH-M50s.
    I'm thinking about buying another pair of M50s (there is a great deal in my region 109€ instead of 159€[​IMG]).
    BUT, since I almost exclusively listen at home and I sometimes miss my previous AKG K-240 MKII, I'm curious if there is a nice pair of open headphones in a similar price range for me. 
    I don't really have a great setup atm. I use my Laptop + Fiio E7 DAC. I mostly listen to music (primarily Rock), but would use the headphones for movies and a little gaming as well.
    I was thinking of possibly getting another pair of AKG K-240 MKII or something similar, since I really enjoyed the sound. Other than that the Grado SR60i or SR80i caught my attention (the Alessandro MS-1 not really since you can only import them directly from Grado).
    If you need more info let me know.
    My budget is pretty much MAXED with the regular price of the M50s (rather something a little cheaper). I hope you can give me some advise or recommendations.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    AKG K242HD, 99 Euros.
  3. cgot2b
    I checked out your recommendation and stumbled upon the AKG K-240 Studio, which are about 20€ cheaper than the K-242 HD. I understand that the AKG K-240 Studio / K-240 MkII / K242HD only differ in design and additional pads/cables, correct?
    Are there other (half-)open headpones from other manufacturers in a similar prive range? (the beyerdynamic dt 990 pro is too sadly too expensive for me)
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The K242HD has the nicer paint job.
  5. xkonfuzed
    What genres of music do you listen to? What sound signature are you after (bassy, warm, neutral etc.) ?
  6. Me x3
    You should consider Yamaha's HPH-200. You can read about them here at head fi. They are warm sounding with lively highs and nice timbres. Very good for rock in my opinion.

    Best Luck!
  7. cgot2b
    Thanks for the replies.
    Ordered the AKG K-240 Studio and will give them a try. They'll arrive any moment.

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