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Replacing Etymotic HF2's, Need Advice

  1. downdurnst
    I'm looking to replace my worn out Etymotic HF2's, and was looking for some advice.  I won them in a contest a couple of years ago, and have been spoiled by how great they are (they were my first higher end pair of earphones).  But now they are worn out after some hard use (kids getting to them, me not exactly babying them, etc) and I need to replace them.  I don't really have the money to spend comparable to what they would've cost me, looking to keep my budget around $100.00.  
    Reading some reviews and looking at various options, I'm seeing the Klipsch S4's come up quite a bit in that price range, and I'm wondering if someone has used both the Etymotic's and the S4's can comment on audio quality, and also build quality, between the two?  Music source, FYI, is my iPod Classic 80GB running mostly mp3's that are 192kbps or above (a good portion are actually 320kpbs files).  Oh, and the HF2's have a mic, but that's not something I care about as I rarely used it anyway.


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