Removal of the headphone jack : the future or a marketing scheme?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by aertus, Oct 22, 2017.
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  1. RockStar2005
    That's cool. Well one person from the thread for these headphones said that he tried to compare these headphones in wired mode (to his PC) vs. wireless mode, and that he came to the conclusion that the wired mode was still slightly better. This is why I say that Audio-Technica still has a ways to go to perfect these.
  2. RockStar2005
    As usual, very interesting Whit!

    Can you turn NC off on the 1000X? Please confirm.
  3. Whitigir

    It depends on the codec that he used. I personally tried all codec

    1/ Wm1z AptX, AptX HD
    2/ Dx200 SBC, Opus 3 SBC
    3/ Apple AAC
    4/ HTC 10 Apt X

    Now, let’s put all the differences between players aside, even Wm1Z, the differences between AptX vs AptX HD are so vivid, so real, and that I had to came to the conclusion that Bluetooth is the Future of Portable Audiophile Products.

    Because in my opinion, the AptX HD is equal to wired connections, and theoretically speaking, the best connectivity is Wireless. The only setback is “how to make a powerful DAC+Amplifications stage within small circuitry and footprint to match on the headphones design”

    The question was never answered until D-Notes
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  4. Whitigir
    Yes, 1000X is active NC, so you can always turn it off
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  5. Whitigir
    Now imagine LDAC and D-notes inside a super high end Headphones such as Utopia or LCD 4 ? Ofcourse it is possible. Why did I say Apple may be doing something ? They are the richest, and they always find ways to inovate themselves....aka the first one to remove 3.5mm jack. They created AAC codec, they can create AAC HD which is just as good or even better than LDAC ? Or they can always buy the patent from Sony and use it.

    The amazing thing is that D-Note systems are so efficient and so affordable that it is so cheap in comparison to any DAC+Amp setup, or system.

    Audiophiles will be paying crazy money to get the correct sound performances ....for example, a powerful amplifier that can be 1-2k, a powerful DAC such as Dave which is 8-10K or cheaper devices, and crazy Utopia 4K or LCD X4 for 4K. That is a system of $8-15K more or less, wired, and can not be used on the go

    Imagine if Apple can correctly marketing and maneuver this market with only Idevices, and 1-2K Beats Headphones wireless and achieve similar performances or So close ?

    It is coming
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  6. rkw
    I looked it up when the AT headphones with Trigence Dnote were announced, and I think I understand the concepts. Imagine that you feed a speaker a digital stream of 0's and 1's (let's say 0V and 1V) — a square wave pattern. If the data is rapid enough, the voice coil won't be able to keep up, and you can modulate the pattern of 0's and 1's to make the voice coil reproduce an analog signal. Using just a single voice coil, the motion is probably crude and inaccurate. Dnote splits it into 6 voice coils, each fed a different stream. The final motion of the speaker cone is determined by the combined force generated by these 6 separate voice coils.

    The Dnote chipset has the task of converting a PCM stream to the 6 binary streams fed into each of the voice coils. In this way, the speaker itself is the DAC, taking digital input and converting it into analog motion of the voice coil.

    This is certainly very different from how traditional speakers work. I think the technology has promise but the products so far (AT headphones and Clarion car stereo) are not notably superior to existing products.

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  7. Whitigir
    You gotta try the ATH DSR9BT, or did you try it yet ? It is totally superior to other bluetooths that I had ever tried on before. Let’s put it simply, I always wanted a Bluetooth headphones, and every year, I would try 1-2 of the top rated one, and never bought any of them. Now, the 9BT, I have spent 3 days with it, without missing my high end systems

    I am unaware of any other Bluetooth headphones that can perform the way the 9BT does
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  8. aertus
    theoretically speaking the best connectivity is definitely not wireless. It's a law of physics that a wired connection will always be bettter no matter how much wireless advances. Its obivous that a physical has direct contact. Why do you think the internet is connected with wires all the way to other continents. There is a slight loss of speed and quality when it comes to wireless.

    ALso, you have to realize these headphones are expensive as hell for 500 dollars they wont exactly become mainstream yet. The best and most cost effective way is sitll to just buy like a 100 dollar pair of earphones or so and then use your phone to listen to them on the go.

    have you tried sony WH‑1000XM2
  9. Whitigir
    Wireless only work in some parameters, and that is not...Ocean wide like the internet. You don’t think internet satellite is better ? It is because it is Expensive, and that is why. The opposite case for Bluetooth and wireless connections. You only need 10-20 Ft max of connectivity. You are streaming Music, and not GB of Data....anyways, that can be put to debate however you want. Scientifically and theoretically speaking, AptX HD is fully capable of transmitting the Data any wired connection could do, period. The same as LDAC

    Have not tried Xm2, but as 1000X I tried last year, I declined it within 1 hour, or more 1000X variant to me. I ended up with 9Bt, and didn’t expect any better, indeed I expected it to be marketing and phony stuff, and it surprised me

    Then I think LTE can already surpass Wired cables connection if permitted and you are within optimized range from a tower
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  10. aertus
    come on man you're praising apple for something they didn't even invent. developed by Bell Labs, Fraunhofer Institute, Dolby Labs, Sony and Nokia, Apple has no innovation it either buys startups and claims its their own, or just copy what was already there and cllaim they did it first.

    AAC is just a slightly more effecient MP3. Sony already has LDAC which is the best codec atm but the only issue is that its sony propriety. But i know android 8 devices will have support for LDAC.

    whats the point of having a wireless utopia when a wire would make more sense.

    i think its crazy to spend that much on AMP and DAc there have to be cheaper and more sensible options.
    yes the intenet is a bigger distance than what you're going to be using with bluetooth. But its a safe thing to say because physically speaking a physical connection is much more powerful. Satellite internet while can be really good is not as fast or even as good as wired. There is a reason why we use wire.

    with that said if the Dnotes is so much cheaper why are the headphones 500 dollars. and since the ATs lack noise cancelling capabilities I don't think they are in the same category to be compared with the Sony's. IT seems like the AT are just pure wireless listening.

    The sony is in a different category.
  11. Whitigir
    Yepe 9BT is for pure wireless music performances, and it does so wonderfully. That is my point, high end wireless audio quality is a possibility now, which it has never been. I understand why people don’t like the practicality of 9BT vs 1000X, I on the other hand only care about wireless Audio Quality. I had never been satisfied by any of them until now.

    There can be endless debates, but the Windows, possibilities of a high-end Wireless Audiophile market is here, and opened, someone needs to tap into it.
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  12. gr8soundz
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  13. aertus
    so basically its not that there is no DAC but the DAC is done differently and apparently this eliminates the need for an amp.

    there is no way this is superior to having a high end DAC, high end speakers, and using like one of those cool looking tube amps. well there isn't much competition in high end wireless in that price tag. SO AT is confident their price tag means they are the superior wireles. Right now Sony, sennheiser, and B&W p7 are the best.
  14. Whitigir
    Well, I am done trying to convince somebody about the performances of the new technology and the 9BT Headphones. Why would I do so when I am smiling and slamming with this wireless 9BT on me ? I will revisit this topic 6 years later.

    I know what I hear

    A picture means thousands words. Welcome to my High-end audio world, the first Bluetooth headphones that is worthy of being kept

    Very excited to see this technology develop on the market

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  15. bigshot
    I get high wireless quality by pushing my audio files through my Apple Airport wifi network from my media server to my stereos. I guess this is really only a benefit to bluetooth headphones- at least until they come up with wifi headphones.
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